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Student Teaching Application

Please verify you are currently listed in the Teacher Education Student Portal.  Your university supervisor will use this application during the evaluation process for student teaching. Evaluations will be listed there for you to review or print and save.


Follow the instructions below to verify you are in the Teacher Education Student Portal


  • Go to and click your portrait (circle) in the top right of the screen
  • Log in to your Weber account and when prompted, also the two factor DUO authentication
  • You will be redirected to eWeber
  • In the “Search for Portal Apps….” area, search for Teacher Education Student Portal
  • Results will show a box called Teacher Education Student Portal
  • Save to your eWeber portal favorites by pushing the favorite option with the star
  • If you are already in the system, you will see your program listed as a purple underlined link
  • If you do not see a program listed, add your information by pushing “Start Another Application” button in purple and add your information. (NOTE: do this action ONLY if you do not see an active program listing under the “Your Applications” area or you will duplicate your account)


Complete the requested student teaching application list items below and submit them as a file upload from your computer to the Teacher Education portal application under the File Manager tab.

After you have submitted all the requested items in the portal application, send an email to Michelle Checkman to schedule an interview appointment time with the Student Teaching Coordinator.


Michelle Checkman - WSU Student Teaching Office
Teacher Education Advisement Center - ED231      801-626-6634


Student Teaching Semester Deadlines




Student Teaching Application List by Program

Graduate and Undergraduate Student Teacher Candidates complete the following–

 1. USBE Background Clearance Information- All teacher candidates will provide verification of a USBE background
     clearance using the application status tab. 
     Access by doing the following:

· Go to and register for an account if you do not already have one

· Go to your personal page and select the CACTUS link (bottom middle)

· Verify birthdate and SSN

· Select “verify me”

· Check personal information

· Select Application Status

· Save a screenshot of the Application Status Tab


WSU Teacher Education programs require USBE clearance. If you do not have USBE background clearance,

apply using the link below as soon as possible.


USBE background clearance wait times can take anywhere from one to six weeks. Lack of background clearance can affect your

participation in field experiences in schools, please plan accordingly.



2.  Autobiography – All candidates should submit this form. Your document should be no more than one page and not a resume. Examples of content: personal interests,

     personal experience in your education program, why you chose to be a teacher, etc.


3. Attestation Form  - All candidates should submit this form. You may sign by using a pdf tool if you wish.


4. Praxis Test Results - Undergraduate Secondary licensure students with a teaching minor will need to take Praxis for their minor. If you wish to be endorsed in a secondary minor,      you are required to pass the Praxis in that area and complete a portion of student teaching in that minor.

   Graduate students must also take the Praxis if they are being endorsed in another area other than their undergraduate major. If you are not required to take Praxis for your                  endorsement, you may skip this step in the application process. 

   Please submit a complete copy of Praxis scores (including subtest scores) OR a Praxis Test receipt with the scheduled date and test to be taken listed.


5. Verification of Completion Form – Secondary and Graduate students only. PDF tool signatures are acceptable.


    Undergraduate Secondary Verification Form  Undergraduate secondary students provide a signed copy from your major and minor department.

    PDF tool signatures are acceptable.


     Graduate Certificate (GCT) Students Verification Form

     Provide a signed copy from the GCT Director, Dr. Penee Stewart,, 801-626-7410, ED 222


6.  ESL Form – ESL students only, provide a signed copy by Dr. David Byrd,, 801-626-7412, ED 322


7.  Student Teaching Guidebook - All candidates should read and be familiar with requirements and policies in the guidebook.