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WSU Educators Rising Collegiate  EdRising (Formerly known as FEA)
Our mission is to provide students with opportunities to explore teaching as a career option and make friends along the way.  EdRising provides service to WSU Campus and the local community.  We help Future Educators gain access to scholarships, relevant resources, information, and professional development.
EdRising at Weber State University

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Kristin N. Radulovich

Dr. Andrea Garavito Martinez

Brooklyn Heiner

Gabriela Rosas

Jess Ethier

Micah Mason

Academic and Social Events Planner

Asha Willey

Academic and Social Events Planner

Madison Mcfarland

Early Childhood Education Public Relations

Jared Shelton

Secondary Education Public Relations

Sydnee Smith

Secondary Education Public Relations

Savannah Newbold

Elementary Education Public Relations

Jaz Burke

Social Media and Web Officer

Madison Boardman

Social Media and Web Officer