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Sustainability Organizations

Sustainability Practices and Research Center (SPARC)

Bonnie Christiansen                         
Phone: 801-626-6326

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Energy & Sustainability Office (ESO)

Jennifer Bodine
Phone: 801-626-6421

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Environmental Initiatives Committee (EIC)

Dr. Alice Mulder, co-chair
Phone: 801-626-6198

Dr. Heather Root, co-chair
Phone: 801-626-6175

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Green Department Certification Program

Kyia Hill
Phone: 801-626-6539

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Environmental Ambassadors (EA)

Sadie Braddock
Phone: 801-626-6539

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Food Recovery Network (FRN)

Analeah Vaughn
Phone: 801-626-6539

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Drew Hodge
Phone: 801-626-2601

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