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Scholarships just for Weber State students! The Study Abroad Opportunity Award is now closed for Spring applications, unless you are part of the Professional Sales Program. Please note the March 15 deadline for Summer.

Study Abroad Scholarship

Study Abroad Opportunity Award

Weber State University, International Programs, and the Study Abroad Office are pleased to announce a new funding opportunity to students planning to study abroad. 

The focus of the award is a project to raise awareness of study abroad, through a project the student undertakes.  The "project proposal" is the only criteria used in determining the award amount. This award is neither merit nor needs based. It is based entirely on the dedication, innovation, and work a student is prepared to commit to their program. 

There are 4 criteria we look at on the projects:

1 - Work.  The committee tries to determine how many hours the project would require of the student.

2 - Eyes.  How many people would see/be exposed to the project?  I always use the example of making a replica of the Eiffel Tower out of toothpicks.  It would take a LOT of time, but if your project did not address how people would see it, the proposal would lose points in the "eyes" category.

3 - Prestige.  Writing an article for the Study Abroad newsletter is not as prestigious as writing an article for the Signpost, which isn't as prestigious as writing an article for the SLC Tribune.  Doing classroom presentations is not as prestigious as presenting the Utah House of Representatives.  Etc.  

4 - Innovation.  This category is worth the most points.  The application gives some examples of previous projects and project ideas.  But if it is something we've never seen before or something that would be exceptionally high quality, it will get more points during the review process. 

Application: Opportunity Award

Deadline for Spring 2020: November 1, 2019

Deadline for Summer 2020: March 15, 2020

Deadline for Fall 2020: TBA

If you have any questions, please contact the Study Abroad Director, Rebecca Schwartz, at


Other Scholarship Opportunities


The Goddard School of Business and Economics is steadfast in their commitment to providing the highest quality of undergraduate and graduate education for developing professionals. Given the importance of international experience in the business world, Goddard provides various scholarships to students interested in short or long term study abroad programs.

Scholarship Information

Foreign Languages

Immersion learning is an important part of any language study. Weber State’s Department of Foreign Language offers several scholarships for different regions of travel.

Scholarship Information

Undergraduate Research Grant

The WSU Undergraduate Research Grant Program is intended to facilitate student research and creative activity in all disciplines, to encourage collaboration between students and faculty on sustained projects of significant educational value to the student, and to enhance the overall undergraduate experience through active engagement in the process of discovering and sharing new knowledge. NOTE: This is for Undergraduate Research, NOT the Travel Grant.

Scholarship Information

Departmental and College Grants

Weber State University is dedicated to enriching student experience and providing students with every opportunity for success. As such, various funds might be available for students interesting in studying aboard, especially those studying for an academic semester or year. We recommend students meet with their advisor, department head, or dean to ask about possible funding options.