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Insurance Information

Short Term Faculty Led Trips:

Study Abroad will purchase accident and health insurance from International Medical Group via the iTravelInsurred TravelLX policy. The cost is included in Faculty Led Study Abroad programs. The cost will include up to $500 worth of travel insurance (for non-refundable tickets and lost luggage, etc.), and will also include covid quarantine for $200 per day up to 10 days (reimbursed). The Study Abroad office will direct you how to file a claim for reimbursement should you need to. Please contact us at 801-626-8711 or 801-626-8740.


Students will be required to purchase their own health insurance when they go abroad for an exchange. Study Abroad can purchase insurance through our health insurance provider and bill the price to your student account if you wish. If you purchase your own insurance, it must cover 1) emergency medical expenses, 2) emergency extraction, and 3) repatriation of remains. If you do not know if your chosen provider includes all three of these items, please check with them or use our insurance instead.

For the iTravelInsurred TravelLX policy through Weber State, insurance costs $32.65 for the first 30 days of travel, and an additional $4.70 per day after, and includes $500 worth of travel insurance for non-refundable tickets, lost luggage, etc. Please note that if your program is more than 180 days, you will be enrolled in the IMG Patriot International policy and the $500 worth of travel insurance will not be included.

**Note**: You must have proof of insurance to obtain a visa for an exchange. Weber State cannot advise on visas and does not know for sure if your current insurance will be accepted by the foreign consulate. Please contact your designated consulate to see if your current insurance will work for your exchange.