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Faculty Resources

Welcome, WSU Faculty! This page is full of resources to help you make a fantastic Study Abroad Program for our students.


As a WSU faculty member leading a travel study program, you should familiarize yourself with the Study Abroad Program Director Handbook. This document will help you better understand your role, responsibilities, and rights as a Study Abroad Program Director. Please read it thoroughly before submitting a proposal for your Study Abroad Program.


Your program proposal must:

  1. Contain all required information and documentation.
  2. Be signed by your academic department head and dean before submission.
  3. Be accompanied by a signed Conflict of Interest Disclaimer.

For a sample of a completed proposal, see the Program Director Handbook.

Risk Management

Traveling abroad is a great experience that may come with some risk. Please consider the following while planning and leading a Study Abroad Program:

  • Consider purchasing travel insurance for yourself and encourage your students to do the same.
  • Emergency Health Insurance must be included in each FLSA trip.
  • Always travel with a cell phone that works in the destination country or countries, and please give the number to Study Abroad and the WSU Travel Manager.
  • Seriously consider booking your air travel as a group through WSU Travel. Traveling as a group is always a good idea – remember that some students may not have traveled before, especially internationally. If you decide to book airfare individually, please have all participants’ itinerary in case of an emergency. 
  • Provide students with emergency information.