Summer Strings

Summer Strings is a three-week session on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on July 11-27th. Classes take place on the Weber State University Campus in the Val A. Browning Center for Performing Arts. 



Traditional String Classes:

  • Beginning (1+ year experience required)
  • Intermediate (2-3 years experience required)
  • Philharmonic (3+ years experience required)

If you are unsure, choose the closest fit. After the first rehearsal, a teacher will help you decide if the class is right or if you should move to another level.


  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Fiddling Accompaniment (1+ years experience required, includes guitar/banjo/mandolin).

Fiddling is not offered for the Beginning Traditional String Classes.


  • Flatpick (1+ years of experience, will only be offered if enough students are interested)
  • Beginning Ukulele (no prior experience required)

Must have a soprano (standard), concert, or tenor ukulele

Music Theory

  • Beginning (Not comfortable reading music)
  • Intermediate (Understands key signatures and simple rhythms)
  • Advanced (Fluent in all scales and complex rhythm)

Class Times: 


  Ensemble Theory Fiddling Guitar/Ukulele
8 a.m.

Beginning String Orchestra

Room 133


Intermediate/Advanced Fiddling

Room 210

Fiddling Accompaniment

Room 210

9 a.m.

Advanced String Orchestra         

Room 125

Beginning Theory

Room 133




Room 210

10 a.m.

Intermediate    String Orchestra

Room 136

Advanced Theory

Room 125

11 a.m.  

Intermediate Theory

Room 136



12 p.m.




Room 136 


Class Rates:

(Class Rates have changed slightly, so make sure you pay the right fee)

  • One class: $80
  • Two classes: $100
  • Three classes: $115
  • Four classes: $125

Students are encouraged to participate in traditional classes, fiddling and theory. Class times are set up so that students can participate in all classes at the appropriate level.

Contact us at if you have any questions.