Treasured Storytellers

Anne L. Ellis

“Oh, I just have to tell you about the time when….” Ann Ellis’s WSU students would settle back to hear what classroom life was really like. Now that she has retired after 30 years as a faculty member of the teacher education department, her storytelling focus is in her family. As Grandma Ann, no family gathering is complete without her rendition of “The Little Wide-mouthed Frog” or the retelling of favorite ancestor stories. A long-time member of the WSU Storytelling Festival Committee, beginning with its inception, and, later, as its chair for eight years, Ann is dedicated to connecting teller, story and listener in those enchanted moments outside of time. She was awarded the Festival’s Karen J. Ashton Storytelling Award.

Virginia Rasmussen

Virginia Rasmussen sure knows how to capture an audience. She has been a presenter at our Festival each and every year. In 2009, she received the Karen J. Ashton Storytelling Award. She spins her tales at senior centers, schools, festivals and libraries. Virginia also holds workshops on the art and belongs to the Utah Storytelling Guild.

Phyllis Savage

Drawing from nearly 60 years of experience teaching children, Phyllis Savage combines music and story into performances that delight audiences of all ages. A devotee of the WSU Storytelling Festival, she has served faithfully for many years as an MC and storyteller, especially in the Stories for Little Ones series. Phyllis received the Karen J. Ashton Award in 2012.