Storyteaching Symposium


Please join us for our fifth annual Storyteaching Symposium June 13-14, 2019.  This wonderful seminar will feature local storyteller and WSU Storytelling Festival Fellow Sam Payne. 

Come learn about the new wave of storytelling: audio podcasting. Participants will learn to gather and edit field audio, create and add commentary, and even add music to create short stories suitable for presentation to an audience in the context of a podcast. Every activity of the symposium will be designed to be duplicable in the classroom among students. Podcasting develops a number of skills: technology literacy, teamwork, and higher level critical thinking skills as audio is gathered, processed, edited, and commented upon.

You can register for the event using the following link:

Sessions will be held at the Dumke Legacy Hall in the Hurst Center for Lifelong Learning at Weber State University.
Thursday, June 13, 8 am - 3 pm
Friday, June 14, 8 am - 2 pm and 6 pm - 8pm
For questions about the symposium, contact Dr. Stephanie Speicher at
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