Regional Storytellers


  • Laurie Allen

    Laurie Allen entertains with American folktales and beyond as well as ghostly encounters, often using music.  Laurie has worked with the Ogden and Salt Lake City Ghost Tours since its inception.  She teaches music, performs in local plays, and heads the annual Clearfield Storytelling Festival.

  • Cassie Ashton

    Cassie Ashton uses the power of story as wife, mother, grandmother, and relationship coach. As a storyteller, she is known for historical stories, myths, and legends. She loves sharing power life lessions and wisdom other have learned in a fun and entertaining way along with her own personal stories of transformation. She is a co-author of "Haunted Salt Lake City."

  • Elaine Brewster

    Elaine Brewster has been telling stories shince childhood, either to her mother as she baked bread or on a cardboard puppet stage. Today, her stories are liekly to be shared through Utah Schools, one-woman programs, or made up at bedtime when her grandchildren sleep over. An accomplished singer and musician, you'll usually hear old-time music, often on hammered dulcimer, along with her stories. 

  • Kristen Clay

    Kristen Clay has circled the globe as a storyteller, actor, and teacher. She tells ancient mythology blended with modern phenomena, folk tales, stories of people of courage, personal tales, and true ghost stories. She is also the owner of Story Tours, Ogden and SLC Ghost Tours.

  • Ted Erekson

    Ted Erekson is an author of the book My Boy Jesus--Joseph's Story, which was illustrated by his wife Meg. Ted lives in Prodicence, UT, with his wife and his 6 chickens he affectionately calls his 'ladies.' Storytelling is part of his being, and he loves to make people laugh. 


  • Melva Gifford

    Melva Gifford has performed on the PBS radio program "Story Mine," Pioneer Days, at fairs, Provo Park, churches, Schools, Orem's Library Liars Competition, Springville Art Museum, reunions, and parties. As a writer, she won first place for her MG book, Operation: Middle School Madness, as the 2016 Utah Arts counsel. She's won two semi-finalist awards from Writers of the Future. 

  • Alan Griffin

    Alan Griffin has been an educator in Utah for the past 43 years. He loves stories and uses them extensively in his teaching. He has produced many original versions of classic fairy tales and ofen uses puppets to enhance his presenations. He is a memeber of the Ben Lomond Chapter of the Utah Storytelling Guild and has performed in many school and community settings. 

  • Annie & Dan Eastmond

    Harvest Home (Annie & Dan Eastmond)  are Story Musicians. This delightful duo play a variety of instraments, often weaving music into their solo and tandem tales. Havest Home regularly performs at local and regional storytelling venues. They lead the Salt Lake Valley (Olympus Chapter) of the Utah Storytelling Guild.

  • Rachel Hedman, M.A.

    Rachel Hedman, M.A. received a national storytelling award for service and leadership as well as the Karen J. Ashton Award. She completed her Storytelling Masters and celebrated 24 years as a storyteller. As Story Crossroads Executive Director, she will help with the 4th Annual Story Crossroads Festival on May 15, 2019 in Murry/South Jordan, UT. 

  • Mary Louise Hughes

    May Louise tells scary stories to thrill and entertian; historical stories to remember and inspire; personal stories to increase understanding and connection with loved ones. She has enjoyed storytelling at This is the Place Heritage Park, Timp Hauntings, as well as Festivals including Story Crossroads, Clinton, Clearfield, and Weber State University. She would love to tell you a good story!

  • Suzanne Hudson

    Suzanne Hudson tells inspiring stories of discovery and adventure from Utah’s past, often stepping into 1st person historical characters in the Chautauqua tradition.  She is a member of Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts and past president of the Utah Storytelling Guild.

  • Idlewild

    Idlewild duo are an old time American Storyteller due that has toured and played Celtic and Old Time American music with our group or as storytellers for 25 years. We present music and tales form the Pioneer West. Our show is presented as an old time Medicine show with old Utah dance tunes, tales of the Winnemucca Bank Robbery, and dancin with the Wild Bunch at the barn dances in Monticello, Utah.   


    Bradly MacKay


  • Wayne McKay

    Wayne McKay is a veteran singer/storyteller and voiceover artist who as Founder/Director of Cashe Storytelling brough Northern Utah the Cashe Valley Storytelling Festival and one-of-a kind Tunnel Tales. Soon, he will introduce over the Worldwide Web, two captivating new podvasts The Moral of the Story with The Country Sage and Youngster Yarns with Papa Wayne. 

  • Janine Nishiguchi

    Janine has tales to tickle your ears and engage each listener. She is a two-time Utah Storytelling Guild president and a children’s librarian. She started a youth storytelling festival in her local elementary and started a Davis County chapter of USG in 2012.

  • Ginger Parkinson 

    Ginger Parkinson tells stories that whisk the imagination where it can romp around like a loose puppy.  She spins curriculum-based stories at Freedom Academy Elementary School as their resident teller.  She lives in Springville with her husband and four children.


  • Tamra Pratt

    Tamra Pratt is dynamic. She's animated. She draws audiences in through recrafted fairytales, original fairtales, and true to the bone coming-of-age stories from small town Creswell, Oregon. 


  • Lynn Wing

    For twenty-five years, Lynn Wing has been delighting and inspiring audiences of all ages from as close as her own backyard to as far away as Russia.  Her wealth of stories include traditional folktales, tall tales, fairytales, stories of the scary and creepy, and “somewhat true” personal stories.


WSU Children's School Storytellers: Cheryl Wendt, Sherrie West, Adrianna West, Stephanie Szanter, Sara Biehl