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Award Requirements

Grant Responsibility Training

Individuals who have been awarded a grant through the Staff Development Grant program are REQUIRED to attend Course #135-02 “Staff Development Grant Responsibility” prior to project start date. You can register for Course #135-02 in Training Tracker on your eWeber portal.

Failure to attend the Staff Development Grant Responsibility training will result in the forfeiture of awarded grant money.

Financial Report

Upon completion of the project, recipients are required to submit financial statements as per the Grant Responsibility training and a summary report to the Staff Development Financial Officer.

  • Must have a valid P-Card issued in your name or available in your department prior to travel.
  • Purchases made by a personal credit card are not reimbursable by the Staff Development Program.
  • Financial paperwork consists of a photocopy of all completed Concur reports that include SDG expenses.  The reports must include supervisor approvals and have all SDG specific expenses highlighted. 
  • Final reports are due one month after receipt of the last applicable Concur report OR one month after project completion, whichever comes first.
  • If three months pass without submission of financial statements and summary report, the grant recipient forfeits their award and their department is responsible for covering the costs.
  • Individuals who fail to submit their final financial statements and summary report will be ineligible for further funding by the Staff Development Grant program for three years.

Summary Report

As part of the Staff Development Grant process, a report* is required upon completion of training. The report is kept in your grant file as proof of attendance and may be read in the future by individuals directly involved with the University.

Required Elements:

  • Name
  • Staff Position
  • Department
  • Division
  • Project Title
  • Date(s) Attended
  • ¾ page or more (average is 1-2 pages)

Below are guideline questions** for writing your report. Please take the time to give complete answers.

  • Summarize the project completed with the Staff Development Grant.
  • Describe new technologies or skills/knowledge learned while attending the training.
  • How will the training benefit your department now that you have returned?
  • How will the training benefit you in your current position?
  • Was the project worthwhile?
  • Was the training what you expected it to be?
  • Would you attend the training again if you were able?
  • What were the highlights of the training?
  • What workshops were most beneficial to you?
  • What extra motivation did you receive by going to this training?
  • Were there any unexpected bonuses at the training?
  • Would you recommend the training to other coworkers? Why or Why not?
  • Do you have any specific comments about the training?
  • What are your action items as you return?

*Recommendation is to do this as soon as you can after the project so it is fresh in your mind.

**Questions are guidelines. You do not need to answer all of them.