Staff Development Awardees

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Staff Development Awards FY 2019-2020      
Third Round Feb. 2020      
Christopher Philion American College Dance Association Conference $544.00  
Brenda Smith CASE Conference $1,490.00  
RC Callahan ISFTE 2020 $1,814.00  
Kelly Hillhouse CASE Conference $1,632.00  
Tonia Wilson ACRES Conference $1,545.00  
Cheyenne McMicheal Venue Management School $3,655.00  
Derek Dawes NACDA Convention $765.00  
Charles Chandler CCME Conference $1,190.00  
Total   $12,645.00  
Second Round Nov. 2019      
Hillary Wallace Adobe MAX Conference $1,790.00  
Jennifer Bodine Energy Auditor Certification $1,490.00  
Bart Hancock JCI Controls Training $1,800.00  
Sebastian Anderson Certified Building Commissioning Training $1,135.00  
Shelly Park CRLA Conference $744.00  

Wayne Huxhold

CRLA Conference $818.00  
Lorraine Gale RCML Annual Conference $442.00  
Debi Larson  IAAP CAP Certification $375.00  
Meagan Thunell NCAA Convention $554.00  
Brent Parkin Advanced Development for Deans & Academic Leaders $657.00  
Larry Collingwood Tree Risk Assessments Certification $1,203.00  
Olga Antonia CRLA Conference $993.00  
Total   $15,807.00  
First Round Sept. 2019      
Samantha Hill ASPIRE Regional Conference $912.00  
Sam Sessions ASPIRE Regional Conference $910.00  
Kelly Bruce Glynn Arts Education Partnership $855.00  
Larry Collinwood Tree Risk Assessments Certification $1,189.00  
Jacob Serio NATE Exam Preparation Class $240.00  
Vadym Volkanov NATE Exam Preparation Class $240.00  
Total   $4,346.00  
Staff Development Awards FY 2018-2019      
Fourth Round April 2019      
William Soule NCTA Conference $765.00  
Kaitlynn Crane NCTA Conference $826.00  
Matthew Bass Certification for Landscape Irrigation $521.00  
Weston Woodward Train the Trainers $8,500.00  
Susan Gurr Biopac Systems Conference $1,108.00  
Total   $11,720.00  
Third Round Feb 2019      
Ashley Wilkinson Clinical Laboratory Educators’ Conference $618.00  
Jennifer Evans Work Human Global HR Conference $2,200.00  
Roxanne Holbrook Postsecondary Disability Training Institute $2,102.00  
Michael Thompson CIMA/SSA Joint Conference $769.00  
Susan Foss Administrative Professionals Course $1,930.00  
Andrea Stuart Project Fiji Study Abroad Service Trip $954.00  
Kandice Harris Conference of Intermountain Archivists $645.00  
Brady Rae Postsecondary Disability Training Institute $2,480.00  
Heather Couturier Assetworld 2019 Conference $2,295.00  
Chris Sessions Supplementary Training in Revit $1,395.00  
Total   $16,175.00  
Second Round Nov. 2018      
Natalie Struhs NACADA Assessment Institute $846  
Monica Linford NACADA Regional Conference $1,000  
Jane Stout NACADA Regional Conference $1,000  
Rainie Ingram NACADA Assessment Institute $510  
Jaime Bernstein Avalanche Professional Level 2 $1,800  
Levi Jackson LA Art Book Conference $1,106  
Anneli Byrd NASPA Conference $834  
Ludwig Possie Docker Training $748  
Pat DeJong NACADA Assessment Institute $508  
Total   $8,352.00  
First Round Sept. 2018      
Krystal Banner NODA National Conference $754.00  
Karin Hurst CASE Annual Development Writing Workshop $1,202.00  
Rebecca Schwartz Contemporary Cultural Studies Conference $2,260.00  
Lorrie Rands Oral History Association Conference $825.00  
Prasanna Reddy NCLCA Conference $736.00  
Michelle Galica EMS Live 2018 $1,295.00  
Amy Crosbie Women Leaders in College Sports National Convention $838.00  
Tanner Flinders Digital Archives Specialist Certification $519.00  
Total   $8,429.00  
Staff Development Awards FY 2017-2018      
Fourth Round April 2018      
Ashley Hilton AMA Digital Marketing Bootcamp $744.00  
Tyler Merillat National Associationof Academic & Student-Athlete DevelopmentProfessionals Conference $1,180.00  
Dale Brown NCAA Regional Rules Seminar $659.00  
Heather Downing 2018 Utah Library Association Conference $198.00  
Pieter Sawatzki 2019 National College Testing Association Conference $576.00  
Nick Berg International Academic Advisor Conference $1,175.00  
Miguel Lopez PPA Annual Conferenceand Leadership Training $995.00  
Travis Hogge Society for College andUniversityPlanning and Construction $1,590.00  
Tricia Cook International Academic Advisor Conference, $1,063.00  
Nicholas Lambert Infocomm and CTS Prep Course $1,214.00  
Matt Cain Infocomm and CTS Prep Course $1,580.00  
Terry Wright Accuplacer National Conference $766.00  
Pat DeJong 2018 Region 10 NACADA Conference $326.00  
Total   $12,066.00  
Third Round Feb. 2018      
Brittney Hicken Work Human Conference  $2,102.00  
Jennifer Evans Work Human Conference  $2,102.00  
Carol Ruden CASE District VII Connect West Conference $1,002.00  
Justin Owen Metasys System Extended Architecture for Building Engineers Course $1,400.00  
Heather Couturier Higher Education Lenel User Group Annual Conference $770.00  
Amelia Williams Accelerated Strengths Coaching Course $3500.00  
Douglas Hall RS Means by Gordian Facilities Construction Estimating, Scope of Work for Facilities $1,855.00  
Mary Condra Boiler Operation, Maintenance, and Safety Training $1,100.00  
Drew Hodge American Water Works Annual Conference Innovating the Future of Water $1,886.00  
Linda Tobias 38th Annual Council for Opportunity in Education Policy Seminar $2446.00  
Bethann Ord 2018 Women’s Basketball Coaches Association Convention $1,307.00  
Matthew Thune 2018 Women’s Basketball Coaches Association Convention $1,458.00  
Skyler Young 2018 Women’s Basketball Coaches Association Convention $965.00  
Kelly Stackaruk CASE conference, Development for Deans and Academic Leaders $1,870.00  
Total   $23,763.00  
Second Round Nov. 2017      
Christopher Allen Basic Electricity for the Non-electrician $2,300.00  
Olga Antonio NASPA Multicultural Institute Conference $972.00  
Carlos Bombella APPA-U $2,293.00  
Stephanie Fuller Invent Amazon Cloud Conference $1,799.00  
Todd Lloyd NATE Core Certification $960.00  
Ivan Mercado APPA-U $1,780.00  
Alexander Muller NAFSA 2017 Tri-Regional Annual Conference $1608.00  
Shelly Park CRLA Annual Conference $791.00  
Andrea Hernandez NASPA Multicultural Institute Conference $892.00  
Jayson Stokes Creating Change Conference $1,782.00  
Meagan Thunnell United Soccer Coaches Convention $733.00  
Jennette Wood Sixth Annual Faces Conference $1,082.00  
Colby Peterson Suddes Group for Impact Fundraising $1,068.00  
Total   $18,060.00  
First Round Sept. 2017      
Lynette Harkness AHEAD Accessing Higher Ground $747.00  
Brent Parkin DevelopmentConference $1,412.00  
Dave Taylor Tableau Conference $1,272.00  
Kristin Wojciechowski CASE Conference for Newcomers in Development $1,872.00  
Kelly Hillhouse CASE Conference for Newcomers in Development $1,872.00  
Gentry Williams National College Testing Association 2017 Conference $834.00  
Victoria Bills Wyoming Dental Hygienist Association $712.00  
James Maughan LEED GA/AP $899.00  
Kent Forsberg IN250 Bicsi Installer 2, Optical Fiber Training $2,323.00  
Brenda Cheever NCTA Conference $834.00  
Total   $12,777.00  
Staff Development Awards FY 2016-2017      
Fourth Round April 2017      
Courtney Wall Laerdal Simulation $345.00  
Jeanette Smith NCTA Conference $615.00  
Noel Wilkinson NASPA and ACPA Conference $763.00  
Vadym Volkanov STM100 training $676.00  
Assad Reichdan 2017 ESRI Conference $1,356.00  
Paul Kuehne 2017 ESRI Conference $904.00  
Amber Robson Sizzler Conference 2017 $826.00  
Zachary Robbins LENEL Access Control Training $2,540.00  
Will Pridemore NCAA Regional and NAAC Convention $850.00  
Gina Naisbitt 2017 Executive Assistants’ Summit $2,250.00  
Kyle Braithwaite Sizzler Conference 2017 $977.00  
Ivan Mercado APPA U Training $2,955.00  
Christian Maughan APPA U Training $2,804.00  
Jill Walker Sizzler Conference 2017 $1,651.00  
Faithe Ways NCAA Regional and NAAC Convention $1,480.00  
Total   $20,992.00  
Third Round Feb. 2017      
Emma Clark ACUI Conference $1,087.00  
Mike Moon COS Conference $605.00  
Stephanie McClure NASPA Conference $1,633.00  
Michael Nakai AHEAD Conference $1,723.00  
Betty Sawyer NASPA Conference $1,890.00  
Kandice Harris Archives 2017 Conference $1,583.00  
Total   $8,521.00  
Second Round Nov. 2016      
Bryce Allen 2017 USITT Conference $500  
Amy Huntington Transition Programs & Partnerships $1,577  
Andrea Pigeon The Landmark Forum $727  
Mark Maxson NAMM Music Education Days $500  
Total   $3,304  
First Round Sept. 2016      
Bonnie Christiansen Participation in AASHE Conference & Expo $922.00  
Shelly Park CRLA Annual Conference $767.00  
Emily Caraballo Adobe MAX Conference $1,494.00  
Michael Henderson American Instutute of Avalanche Research and Education Course Leader Instructor Course $975.00  
Tiana Witkamp NAFSA Region II Regional Conference $1,056.00  
Susan Campbell EMS Live Conference $1,195.00  
Jeannie Pacheco NAFSA Region II Conference $734.00  
Warren Loveless NACADA National Conference $885.00  
Derek DeBruin American Mountain Guides and Association Annal Meeting $95.00  
Destry Labrum TPC Trainco HVACR Workshop: AC, Refrigeration, & Boiler Training $1,400.00  
Total   $9,523.00  
Staff Development Awards FY 2015-2016      
Fourth Round April 2016      
Lane Brown HVAC Workshop: AC & Boilers $1080.00  
Allison Hess Mastering the Media Revolution $1470.00  
Jamie Brass Developmental Staff Competency in Supervision of Graduate Trainees $415.00  
Renee Dubuc NAAC Convention &NCAA Regional Rules Seminar $797.00  
Sang Chang Presenting at the INternational Association for Human Caring $1229.00  
Will Pridemore NAAC Convention &NCAA Regional Rules Seminar $834.00  
Sarah MacKay Labman Conference $782.00  
Katie Rios Visual Studio Live: Expert Solutions for .NET Developers $1659.00  
Brenda Cheever National College Testing Association (NCTA) Conference $678.00  
Spencer Coleman Labman Conference $782.00  
Stephen Morphet  National College Testing Association (NCTA) Conference $675.00  
Wesley Walsman National College Testing Association (NCTA) Conference $675.00  
Laurie Huntington National College Testing Association (NCTA) Conference $678.00  
Total   $11,754.00  
Third Round February 2016      
Bryce Allen 2016 USITT Conference $720.00  
Sheldon Cheshire StrengthQuest Coach Training and Endorsment $2750.00  
Paige Davies Campus Victim/Survivor Advocate Training and Certification


Amy Hendricks 2016 Editors Forum $717.00  
Lindsay Holland HOW Design Live Conference $1422.00  
Heather Hunter Utah Intergrative Health & Resiliency Conf. $243.00  
Clay Hymas User Experience Conference $500.00  
Bronson Janes ADOBE Captivate Certification $1095.00  
Leslie Loeffel National Association for Developmental Education National Conference $706.00  
Blakely Mckinnie Camex/Namta Conference $743.00  
Cliff Nowell Alliance for International Programs $1616.00  
John Ostrowski 2016 Rocky Mountain Athletic Trainers Association Symposium $655.00  
Krishna Quinney Apparel Institute 2016 $895.00  
Donita Ruth Association of College Unions International (ACUI) Conference $1422.00  
Linda Tobias COE's 36th Annual Policy Seminar: Campaigning for the Future $900.00  
Danna Woods Annual National Association Of Campus Card Users Conference, NACCU $956.00  


Second Round November 2015      
Christopher Chapman Annual American Group Psychotherapy Association Meeting $1100.00  
Thomas Mortensen LERN Annual Conference $790.00  
Lauren Mason CIVSA Student Development Institute $493.00  
Brenda Smith Fundraising Fundamentals and Intro to Personal Solicitation $2004.00  
Morgan Bruderer Fundraising Fundamentals and Intro to Personal Solicitation $2004.00  
Meagan Thunnell NSCAA Convention $590.00  
Total   $6,981.00  
First Round September 2015      
Heather Couturier APPA Institute for Facilities Management $1455.00  
Destry Labrum WMC Magnetic Bearing Compressor Chiller $1600.00  
Daniel Turner Advanced Rock Guide Certification $1500.00  
Betty Sawyer 22nd National Conf of Students in Transition $1386.00  
Amy Huntington NODA Annual Conference $1116.00  
Shauna Pitt NACADA National Conference $729.00  
Brittney Maynard NACADA National Conference $729.00  
Total   $8,515.00  
Staff Development Awards FY 2014-2015    
Fourth Round April 2015    
Matthew Bass Become a (CIT) Certified Irrigation Technician $1689.00  
Teri Bladen IDEA World Fitness Convention $1132.00
Matt Cain Comptia Security + Certification $151.00
Georgia Edwards Professional Development Seminars $140.00
Lydia Gravis Association of Academy Museums & Gallery Conf. $1142.00
Darcy Gregg 2015 NACADA International Conference $843.00
Douglas Hall Large Chilled Water System Design Seminar $1158.00
Shelly Hart Ad Sales Training Video Series & Pro Dev Seminar $425.00
Matthew Hinajosa National College Testing Association 15th Annual Convention $544.00
Roxanne Holbrook 27th Annual Postsecondary Disability Training Institute $1120.00
Sherrie Jensen 2015 NACADA International Conference $1085.00
Miguel Lopez Utah Custodial Collegiate Association Conference 2015 $495.00
Angela McLean Postsecondary Disability Training Institute $1474.00
Debra Murphy 2015 NACADA International Conference $1388.00
Kristin Radulovich 2015 NACADA International Conference $774.00
Mickelle Smith Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf $1675.00
Lisa Largent Wright CASE Conference: Persuasive Development Writing: Spring 2015 $985.00
Terry Wright ACCUPLACER and CLEP National Conference $645.00
Total   $16,865.00
Third Round February 2015    
Amber Robson CASE District VII Conference $888.00
Brian Simmons Workshop - Care of Paper Artifacts $790.00
Kent Forsberg IN101 BICSCI Installer 1 Training $1430.00
Linda Tobias Annual 35th Policy Seminar $950.00
Nancy Collinwood CASE District VII Conference $627.00
Randy Wilson 2015 NAVUB Conference $1000.00
Sara Lleverino User Experience Training $800.00
Total   $6,485.00
Second Round November 2014    
Nathan Clark CASE District VII Conference $758.00
Chad Holbrook LERN Annual Conference $992.00
Diane Stern The Emerging Latino Majority $700.00
Total   $2,450.00
First Round September 2014    
Kyle Braithwaite Annual Giving CASE Conference $900.00
Martin Carver Degree Works Technical Track 10 Training $1000.00
Laurie Huntington National College Testing Association (NCTA) Conference $515.00
Kelly Simerick The Teaching Professor Technology Conference $303.00
Rebecca Tierney Regional Aspire Conference $873.00
Marguerite Vara National Orientation Directors Association (NODA) $709.00
Fran Hopkin National Orientation Directors Association (NODA) $812.00
Camille Gooch National Academic Advising Association 2014 Annual Conf. $500.00
Juliet Jones Association of Donor Relations Professionals (ADRP) $757.00
Shandel Hadlock National Orientation Directors Association (NODA) $340.00
Crystal Giordano National Orientation Directors Association (NODA) $758.00
Emily Davidson NIRSA Marketing Institute $500.00
Dave Trujillo COE 33rd Annual Seminar "Vision and Action" $690.00
Total   $8,657.00
Staff Development Awards FY 2013-2014    
Fourth Round April 2014    
Carey Anson LabMan Conference $390.00
Lauren Anderson LERN Contract Training Conference $454.00
Spencer Coleman LabMan Conference $390.00
Chelsea Burns NCAA Regional Rules $646.00
Nancy Jarvis NCURA Annual Meeting 2014 $1233.00
Michelle Gifford RMASFAA 2014 Summer Institute $1044.00
Heidi Drysdale APPA Institute $1435.00
Mary Jane Dupont RMASFAA 2014 Summer Institute $1044.00
Alex Brown National College Testing Association 14th Annual Conference $515.00
Royle Hubbart Principles of Wood Flooring $695.00
Anneli Byrd The Seven Furies of Developmental Math $816.00
Kandice Newman American Library Association Annual Conference $731.00
Karen Baggs RMASFAA 2014 Summer Institute $342.00
Scott Ball 2014 NASPA Civic Learning & Democratic Engagement Conf $831.00
Teresa Taylor International Conf on Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities $1749.00
Total   $12,315.00
Third Round February 2014    
Mike Moon Contiuums of Service Conference $1379.00
Daniel Czech NAVUB Conference $1723.00
Susan Gurr IACUC Conference $1156.00
Jane Stout NAAHP Conference $730.00
Noel Wilkinson ANTSHE Conference $1033.00
Jason Blandi PDCA Expo $600.00
Debbie Cragun ANTSHE Conference $1033.00
Scott Chantry Web Platform Conference $1631.00
Michael Maynor APPA $612.00
Jonathan Vance RSMeans $1608.00
Jeremy Harvey EAWD Conference $1190.00
Heidi Parker Web Design Conference $1190.00
Sheldon Cheshire NASPA Conference $1403.00
RC Callahan DRLO Gen Ed Courses $896.00
Total   $16,184.00
Second Round November 2013    
Betty Simons MPACE $252.00
Susan Foss Administrative Professionals Conference $1300.00
Jacob Wilson Extron A/V Online Training $99.00
Shelly Belflower SCCM Onsite Training (for 13 Individuals) $5010.00
Total   $6,661.00
First Round September 2013    
Greg Nielsen Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges and Employer Conf. $769.00
Kassidy Symonds Aspire Regional Conference $688.00
Lonna Rivera '13 Depository Library Meeting & Federal Depository Conf. $750.00
Ludwig Possie Active Directory Training $800.00
Richard Lambert Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges and Employer Conf. $660.00
Danielle McKean Nielsen Norman Group Usability Week Conference $1163.00
Total   $4,830.00


Staff Development Awards FY 2012-2013  
Fourth Round April 2013    
Shawn Swapp Medium Voltage Technician Certificatioin $1750.00
James Johnson BICSI ITS Installer Course attendance $570.00
Ron Proctor 2013 Western Alliance Conference $605.00  
Nancy Weir National Athletic Trainer's Association Annual Meeting $700.00
Brenda Cheever NCTA 13th Annual Convention $299.00
Sean Peek National College Testing Association 14th Convention $598.00
Claire Nye NCTA Conference (National College Testing Association) $598.00
Zachary Robbins ALOA's 57th Annual Convention And Security Expo $1739.00
Michael Nakai AHEAD National Conference $2111.00
Angela Christensen PBL National Leadership Conference $1385.00
Kent Forsberg Fundamentals of System Design, Implementation and Optimization $500.00
Total   $10,855.00
Third Round February 2013    
Charles Chandler National Association of Veteran Program Administrators $1585.00 
Jill Erickson First Year Experience International Conference $1118.00
Morgan Finder First Year Experience International Conference $1162.00 
Eddie Hoyle Academic Survival and Success Conference $954.00
Ashley Owens   First Year Experience International Conference $1118.00 
Dave Taylor SANS Security Training SEC504  $750.00 
Denise Taylor  Ellucian LIVE Conference 2013 $1611.00 
Total   $8,298.00
Second Round November 2012    
Allison Barlow Hess Annual Conference for Media Relations Professionals $1562.00
Miguel Lopez Leadership Academy Track 1 For APPA Facilities Management $1395.00
Seth Gilmore APPA: Institute for Facilities Management $1395.00
Total   $4,352.00
First Round September 2012    
Sharadee Allred CRLA/CASP 2012 Conference $465.00
Rodnica Eason NCAN National Conference $755.00
Mickelle Smith Conference of Interpreters 2012 $1150.00
John Kowalewsly CASE Conference Institute for Sr. Comm and Marketing 2012 $897.00
Total   $3,267.00
Staff Development Awards FY 2011-2012  
Fourth Round April 2012    
Holly Bowden International Association of Venue Management $1500.00
Ian Carmichael InfoComm Audio/Visual Conference $643.00
Verena Harkes PTI (Disability Training) $1888.00
Dorothy Hill National Conference for College Women Student Leaders $1015.00
Sarah Langsdon Society of American Archivists Conference $997.00
Sarah Dawn Lowry  IT Division Strenghts Quest Training  $650.00 
Carrie McCloud PMI Research & Education Conference $607.00
Chad Mosher International Association of Venue Management $1500.00 
Will Pridemore  NCAA Regional Rules Seminar $636.35
Betty Simons NCORE Conference $647.00 
Jeff Simmons NCORE Conference  $355.00 
Total   $10,418.35
Third Round February 2012    
Sebastian Anderson Fundamentals of Existing Building Commissioning $1250.00
Tricia Cook CSO Conference $404.00
Asha Jones NASPA National Conference $1249.00
Andrea Lauritzen Utah Advising Conference $273.12
Leslie Loeffel NADE Conference $437.00
Tyler Suppha-Attasitt Society for Photographic Ed National Conference $1154.00
Jennybeth Thompson Utah Advising and Orientation Association $253.00
Lynn Thompson  Maintenance and Repair Estimating for Facilities  $935.00 
Randy Wilson  NAVUBPP   $1424.85 
Total   $7,379.97
Second Round November 2011    
Tiffany Anderson World of Concrete $796.00
Lynnae Dopp NADE Conference $308.00
Mike Moon Continnums of Service Conference $820.00
Debra Murphy Annual Conference on the FYE $705.00
Nikki Palmer NFCA Convention $486.00
Carl Porter NADE Conference $688.00
Prasanna Reddy NADE Conference $308.00
Total   $4,111.00
First Round September 2011    
Brenda Cheever National College Testing Association convention $315.00
Spencer Coleman NASPA Tech Conference $688.00
Lydia Gravis Southeastern College Art Conference $1312.00
Yvette Rosenberg COE National Conference $1183.00
 Staff Development Awards FY 2010-2011    
 Fourth Round April 2011    
 Sebastian Anderson  Metasys FEC Systems Engineering  $1345.00
 Shari Bowman  NTCA Conference  $495.00
 Landon Burch  Education & Disability  $920.00
 RC Callahan  Crisis Prevention Institute Instructors' Conference 2011  $1490.00
 Scott Chantry  NTCA Conference  $495.00
 Marilyn Cragun  NTCA Conference  $495.00
 Tamra Critchlow  NTCA Conference  $495.00
 Georgia Ferguson  Confab 2011 Conference  $1192.00
 Rebecca Ory Hernandez  ALADN 2011 Conference for Academic Library Fundraising  $773.00
 Jeremy Jackson  GL120-- LINUX Fundamentals  $715.00
 Lorenzo Lopez  Board Certified Master Arborist certification  $550.00
 Rob Pyper  iModules User Conference  $917.00
 Adam Salazar  Confab 2011 Conference  $1192.00
 Linda Tobias  COE Proposal Writing Workshop  $696.00
 David Trujillo  COE Proposal Writing Workshop  $696.00
 Mindi VanderSteen  CSO Research Users Conference  $543.00
 Total   $13,009.00
 Third Round February 2011  
 Viki Anderson  18th Annual National Assocoation Campus Card Users Conference  $958.00
 Cory Cunningham  Certified Business Analysis Professional Training  $1746.00
 Daniel Czech  DOD/VA Suicide Prevention Conference  $1445.00
 Christine Demko  Annual Conference Donor Relations Professionals  $1192.00
 Jason Francis  Gaming in the Library  $685.00
 Merritt Gray  Venue Management School  $1535.00
 Roxanne Holbrook  23rd Annual Postsecondary Disability Training Institute  $700.00
 Alan Livingston  National Convention CTIA  $800.00 
 Amber Robson  ICBA 2011 Retail Conference &Business Encounter  $470.00
 Shawna Rowley  APPA Leadership Academy  $1000.00
 Ruth Patino Stubbs  NASPA Conference  $1200.00
 Total   $11,731.00
 Second Round - November 2010    
 Miguel Lopez   APPA-Institute for Facilites Management   $1325.00
 Viron Lynch  APPA- Institute for Facilities Management  $1325.00
 Dan Walker  USTFCCCA National Convention  $695.00
 Total   $3,345.00
 First Round - September 2010    
 Agnes Corbin  Fundamental Control Strategies for HVAC Systems  $800.00 
 Susan Gurr  ALMA 31st Annual Conference  $928.50
 Total   $1,728.50
Staff Development Awards FY 2009-2010    
 Fourth Round - April 2010    
 Camie Bearden  NAEYC Natnl Inst for Early Childhood Development Conference  $350.00
 John Bizzell  Fred Pryor Seminar -Effective Leadership   $89.00 
 Ken Chalmers  Security Certification Training and Test  $549.00
 Brian Hadley  APPA Inst for Facilities Managers    $637.00
 Carole Haun  NAEYC Natnl Inst for Early Childhood Development Conference  $350.00
 Stephanie Hollist  Natnl Assoc of College and University Attorneys    $1641.00
 Robert Holt  EduComm Conference  $380.00
 Carrie McCloud  EduComm Conference  $845.00
 LeeAnn Mortensen  NCTA (Natnl College Testing Assn  $533.00
 Cherrie Nelson  HR Staff Retreat and Team Building  $456.00
 Zachary Pendelton  Natnl Assoc. for Athletics Compliance Annual Convention  $307.00
 Will Pridemore  Natnl Assoc. for Athletics Compliance Annual Convention  $432.00
 Becky Sneddon  NCTA (Natnl College Testing Assn)  $533.00
 Rick Wade  APPA Inst for Facilities Managers  $637.00
 Terry Wright  NCTA (Natnl College Testing Assn)  $533.00
 Total   $8,272.00
 Third Round - February 2010     
 Lindsay Beddes   Council for Opportunity in Education  $1095.00
 Jennifer Bennett  Camex 2010 - Campus Market Expo  $786.00
 Stephanie Fuller  MAC OS X Server Essentials  $1000.00
 Adrienne Gillespie  2010 NASPA Annual Conference    $490.00
 Nathanael  Herrmann  BIRT Reporting  $2500.00
 Melissa Johnson   Western Round Up: International Archivists  $640.00
 Leslie Loeffel  NADE Conference  $627.00
 Angela McLean  Postsecondary Disability Training Inst.    $800.00
 Fred Meaders  ACUI Conference  $595.00 
 Gregory Nielsen  National Assoc. of Colleges and Employers  $972.00
 Monika Rodie  Assoc of College Unions Intn'l Conference  $595.00
 Donita Ruth  BB World Transact (Blackboard Users)  $682.00
 Sherri West   NAEYC Nat’l Inst for Early Childhood Development   $700.00
 Jennifer Wright  NACADA Summer Institute  $745.00
 Total   $12,227.00
 Second Round - November 2009    
 Gregory Brighton   Grant Writing Workshop  $425.00
 Jeff Hurst  Strengths Quest Educators Seminar  $1105.00
 Jan St. Clair-Bowen  Mt Pacific Assoc of Colleges and Employers  $535.00
 Total   $2,065.00
 First Round - September 2009    
 Richard Brown  Maintenance and Service of Pumps  $572.00
 Gregory Clements  Extron Training  $331.00
 Crystal Giordano  National Orientation Directors Conference  $549.12
 Dorothy Hill  ASPA Presentation of Staff Development  $550.00
 Amber Robson  ICBA 2010 Retail Conference  $1007.36
 Jennilyn Stoffers   ICBA 2010 Retail Conference  $500.00
 Diana Meiser    Writing Workshop Group Seminar  $1250.00
 Total   $4,759.48
 Staff Development Awards FY 2008-2009    
 Fourth Round - April 2009     
 Hyrum Allen  NCTA Conference  $350.00
 Lisa Allen- Martinez  BOSS Cars Users Group Meeting   $350.00
 Trevor Ball   American College of Sports Medicine  $500.00
 Brad Beazer  CCRA 2009  $998.00
 Lyn Chynoweth   NCAA Regional Rules Seminar    $400.35
 Al Givens  American Volleyball Spring Conference  $199.00
 Douglas Hall   Service and Maintenance of Pumps and Seals  $600.00
 Debbie Hansen  Disney Leadership Institute  $2000.00 
 Jody Lake   IAAM Conference and Trade Show  $1142.50
 Heidi Munk  Boot Camp Training for SUN SOLARIS Systems        $2000.00
 Clarie Nye   NCTA Conference  $350.00
 Jeremy Stott   Web Visions    $350.00
 Total   $9,239.85
 Third Round - February 2009      
 Misty Allen  ILLIAD Copyright    $175.00
 Erik Ashby  SASPA Annual Conference  $531.00
 Joel Bass   NATA's 2009 Anual Meeting   $663.50
 Mary Ann Boles  Professional Education Conference  $525.00 
 Eric Duft  National Assocication of Basketball Coaches  $465.00
 Sonny A. Dulfo  2009 CODI/UUGI  $604.00 
 Mark Foiles   Configuration of Basketball Coaches   $370.00
 Tim Gardner  National Association of Basketball Coaches  $415.00
 Herb Garman   Public Assembly of Facilities Management  $2152.00
 Charles Harral  National Association of Basketball Coaches  $415.00 
 Hanalee Hawkins  CDC Conference    $350.00 
 Jessica Hickmott  NASPA Annual Conference  $350.00
 Roxanne Holbrook   21st Annual Post-Secondary Disability  $825.00
 Ben Huppie  National Association of Collegiate    $806.00
 Steven Jones    Foundation II Institute    $1210.00
 Wendell Rich    Sungard Summit 2009    $925.00
 Donna Rigby  2009 COE Policy Seminar   $330.00 
 Deborah Stephenson  ILLIAD Copyright  $175.00
Tyler Suppha-Atthasitt    Sprawl 46th Society  $330.00
 Nancy Weir   National Athletic Trainers Annual Meeting   $722.60
 Amelia Williams  Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf     $795.00
 Komaldevi Woelich   New Social Networking     $350.00
 Total   $13,484.10
 Second Round November 2008    
 Jim Blaisdell   US Track and Field and Cross Country   $533.00
 Chad Davisson  APPA Unstitute for Facilities Management  $1695.00
 Eric Hohn  2009 NSCA Sport Specific Training    $525.00
 Tina Johnson   NFCA Convention    $1181.00
 Mark Maxson  NSDC 40th Annual Conference    $200.00
 Abel Mkina    2009 NCAA/NACUBO Program    $898.00
 Heidi Parker   Support Center Training     $2295.00
 Total   $7,327.00
 First Round - September 2008    
 Joseph Bree  Intro to Website Usability  $100.00
 RC Callahan  Life Space Crisis Intervention   $1301.82 
 Juan Chavez   SCASE Conference: Gift Processing    $73.50 
 Sharon Dover  Citrix Zen App (Server 4.5)  $1497.00
 Lydia Gravis   CA Art Ed State Conference  $838.60
 Colton Hansen   AC and Refrigeration with Heating App   $1099.00
 Robin Helton     Life Space Crisis Intervention   $949.00
 Christopher Philion  LDI Institute Training and Conference  $985.00 
 Jan Pollard    IACUC Admin Conference    $1000.00
 Donalyn Sessions    UNM Mentoring Institute Conference  $450.00 
 Billy Witcher  CASE Conference: Gift Processing  $73.50
 Julie Workman  CASE Conference: Gift Processing  $282.50
 Total   $8,649.92
 Staff Development Awards FY 2007-2008    
 Fourth Round - April 2008    
 Lawrence Helmbrecht  Treatment of Victimized Individuals  $1391.81
 Dane LeBlanc  Behavioral Intervention   $900.00
 Mike Davies  Behavioral Intervention  $900.00
 Debbie Cragun  Texas A&M Academy   $767.00
 Nikki Nicholas   Texas A&M Academy   $644.00
 Tammy Agee  APPA Supervisors Toolkit    $1057.50
 Gail Niklason   Blackboard World   $815.00
 Tani Sherwood  National Environmental Assoc  $1216.00
 Larry Henson    Career Development Conference    $942.50 
 Jeff Simons  Career Development Conference    $485.00
 Terry Wright    Accuplacer   $890.00
 Ralph Coleman   Accuplacer   $890.00
Tracey Smith   Accuplacer   $890.00
 Alan Ferrin  Broadcaster Conference   $600.00
 Total   $12,388.81
 Third Round - February 2008       
 Toni Asay   NADE Conference   $688.49
 Camie Bearden  National Training Institute  $680.00 
 Christy Call   NADE Conference  $674.50
 Lori Drake  Conference on First Year Experience  $935.00
 Robert Holt   NAAHP Meeting    $450.00
 Donna Hunter   ISTE Conference Paper Presentation   $1400.00
 Eric Kohler  NADE Conference     $760.00
 James Kopecky  Annual Policy Seminar   $1128.10
 Russ Paige  Symantec Ghost Solution Training  $1950.00
 Julie Park  Educause Security Professional Conference  $990.75
 Yvette Rosenburg  Council for Opportunity in Education  $1000.00
 Beverly Rudd    Academic Impressions Conference  $1662.00
 Ramona Sessions     NCURA    $405.00
 Ruth Stubbs  Annual Policy Seminar  $1040.00
 Dave Trujillo  Capturing Federal Dollars for Low Income, First Generation Students  $710.00
 Total   $14,473.84
 Second Round - November 2007     
 Lynnae Dopp   NADE Conference  $980.00
 Margie Esquibe  CASE Conference  $615.00
 Charlie Lynch  APPA Institute for Facilities Management  $1695.00
 Rick Wade   Visiting Expert on Campus       $730.00
 Total   $4,020.00
 First Round - September 2007       
 Mark Adams  AAMFT 65th Annual Conference Healing Fractured Relationships  $320.00
 Clay Brown  National Intramurals Recreations Sports Association Conference  $470.00
 Jennifer Evans  Franklin Covey Instructor Training    $1215.28
 Sarah Rivkind  Train the Trainer Creative Delivery Workshop  $985.50
 Total   $2,990.78