Laptops and Textbooks


SSS STEM Students are allowed to check out laptops.  They may be checked out for the semester only and may not be kept during the breaks.  They are available on a first come basis.  SSS STEM also has a couple of Macs.  

The easiest way to check out a laptop is to make an in-person appointment with Jason or Stephanie.  Please use our links on the home page and schedule a 1/2 hour, in-person appointment.  Remember that there are days in person at WSU Davis (Layton) as well.

Remember that there are computer labs for our students to use at Ogden Campus and Davis Campus.  Both also have free black and white printing.


Students may request physical and e-books that may be purchased through the Bookstore (AC and eBooks).  Physical textbooks must be returned the Friday of finals week.

Textbook Request Link

NOTE:  Due to the nature of the funds, usually students receive 1-2 books per semester based off of cost and previous supplies.  SSS STEM may not be able to provide all books requested.

Please ask if you have any questions.