Supplemental Grant

Supplemental Grant Requirements

Grant Info:

This grant is a minimum of $650 if awarded with the potential for additional funds based on need and indicators centered around participation in the SSS - STEM program.   Priority for funding will be given to Freshmen and Sophomore students, however, there may be some opportunity for Juniors and Seniors as well. 

Tuition Waiver:

Anyone who applies and qualifies for the Supplemental Grant but does not receive it will be submitted for the Tuition Waiver program.  Tuition Waivers are issued sometime between the end of Fall Semester and into Summer Semester and are awarded annually.  

Grant Requirements:

  • You must apply for the grant.  (We will be getting the application out later in the semester.)

  • You must receive a Pell Grant this semester.

  • You must have unmet need according to financial aid documentation.

  • You must be registered as a full time student and have passed all your classes.

  • You must have maintained a 2.0 GPA for the semester.

  • You must be seeking a bachelor’s degree as reflected in CatTracks (if not, then talk with SSS-STEM staff).

  • You must update or complete a graduation plan with SSS-STEM Staff.

  • You must be registered for next semester.

  • You must have completed the FAFSA.

How to receive additional grant funds:

Additional funds may be available based on participation in the program and other activities.  While the amount varies greatly each semester, we have given students close to $2,000 who have participated in semesters with fewer applicants.  To log a qualifying activity please submit documentation of your attendance (an explanation of the event with a selfie) in the event discussion page.  

Qualifying Activities:  

This year we are expanding the qualifying activities in hopes that you can get involved in your interests and needs.  Rather than encouraging specific workshops we are suggesting a few things that can get you points and ask that you participate in ways that are more meaningful to you.  If you have other activities you are involved in that don't fit the categories below, then let me know.  Consider ways you participate at Weber State, and remember to let me know when you go to  something.  Also, if you want to go to an activity and want someone to go with then feel free to reach out in the discussion posts to see if someone else is going.  If you are not comfortable posting your activity on Canvas and still want points please let me know.  You can send info or meet with me about it, and I will get your points logged without requiring a post.

  • Meet with SSS STEM Staff (Pam, Stephanie, or Jason) – 1 point each / 4 point maximum 
    • Pam is part of our program and works with students in a couple ways.  She can help in preparation for graduate programs if you have that interest.  She is also really good at APA formatting and can help get papers ready if you want some support there. 
    • Email Pam at pamelanandkeshwar@weber.edu to contact her
  • Athletic and Art Activities – 1 point each / 2 point maximum
  • Official club activity  – 1 point each / 2 point maximum
  • Guest Speaker – 1 point each / 2 point maximum
  • HIEE (High Impact Educational Experience) and CCEL (Center for Community Engaged Learning) – 1 point each / 2 point maximum
  • Advisor Appointments  – 1 point each / 2 point maximum:  We have many helpful programs on campus.  If you meet with someone from one of these programs it will count toward points for the Supplemental Grant
    • Career Services
    • Financial Aid
    • Money Management Center
  • Other:  If you have something that you think should count, let us know, and we will be happy to consider it.