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  Net Zero Strategies

Air Leak Sealant

A leaky house means increased mechanical loads. Aerobarrier infiltrates cracks with a pressurized sealant material, creating a tight building envelope, improving energy efficiency and renewable energy feasability and reducing energy
costs for the homeowner.

Air Leak Sealant Provided by Aerobarrier


Vitro Glass Solarban 70 Solar Control tripe-silver-coated low-e glass
combined with the Amsco Studio Series vinyl frame provides superior
thermal control while allowing maximum visible light transmittance.
(U .24, SHGC .27, VLT 64)

Glass Donated by Vitro Architecture Glass
Frames Donated by Amsco


Raised Heel Trusses

raised heel trusses

Raised heel trusses, also called energy trusses, are roofing trusses designed to span an area and provide adequate space for full-depth attic
insulation across the entire area resulting in increase energy efficiently and reduction in icedam damage. Our truss sytem was donated by
Automated Structures, located in Ogden Utah.

Raised Heel Trusses Donated by Automated Structures Inc.



Loss of energy through a material is called thermal bridging.  Conventional stud wood frame of a building conducts heat, from the inside out during winter, and from the outside in during the summer
months through 2x4's. SIPs construction is a R-29, panel system, resulting in continuous insulation and air barrier that drastically reduces energy loss and has little thermal bridging SIPs can reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling by 50 to 70% compared with conventional wood framing.

SIPS Provided by Big Sky R Control


Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated concrete forms

ICF's (insulated concrete forms) are stacked in place "blocks" high performace value of R-45-55, and no thermal bridging, ICF homes are both energy efficient and very quiet due to the double layer of 2"
insulation and 8" concrete core. Compare this to an uninsulated, poured concrete 12" thick foundation wall at R-0.96

ICF Provided by Build Block



White, solid wood, cabinets are timeless, durable, last 50+ years and
can be updated with trendy new hardware. Our cabinets were a
generous donation from Lewis Cabinets and installed by Wilder

Cabinets Donated by Lewis Cabinets
Installed by Wilder Construction


Window Coverings

Light-colored fabrics reflect heat and filters light into a space. West facing windows allow unwanted heat into a home during the summer months increading energy costs. Consider window coverings that block UV rays and solar heat gain. 

Window Coverings Donated by InPro Architectural Products

wool carpet

Choosing a high quality paint means durability, long life, and less landfill waste. Site-applied finishes (paint, flooring, fabric coverings, etc) with zero or low VOC content are the healthiest for occupants. Benjamin Moore paint achieves both of these criterias.

Paint Donated by Benjamin Moore


Hard Surface Flooring

hard surface flooring

LVP (luxury vinyl plank) is easy to clean and long lasting. This floor was manufactured by Tarkett, who aimed to send zero industrial waste to landfill by the end of 2020. In Europe, out of Tarkett’s 13 production sites, 10 have already achieved this objective. They also aim to double the volume of collected post-installation or post-consumer flooring products, compared to 2010. 

Hard Surface Flooring Provided by Tarkett
NuGen LVP Installed by Kay Riley and Sons

Wool Carpet

wool carpet

Wool is natural, sustainable, renewable, biodegrable, stain and
soil resistant, hypo-allergenic and afforable.

Wool Carpet Provided by Godfrey Hirst, Gibraltar
Installed by Kay Riley and Sons


Gradation Floor

The purple flooring you’re standing on is called “Gradation”, and was generously donated by Shaw Flooring. Gradation is Cradle to Cradle™ certified, designed with a rigorous framework for environmental and social responsibility.  Cradle to Cradle products are designed for the circular economy to positively impact people and our plant, with safe healthy materials and an end of life guarantee.  Gradation is manufactured in facilities that are 100% carbon neutral.

Gradation Floor Donated by Shaw Flooring

Water Heater

Professional Prestige® Hybrid Electric is the most efficient water heater available – with up to $5,000 in lifetime savings and less than 2 year payback* EcoNet® WiFi-connected technology and free mobile app gives users control over water systems, allowing for customizable temperature, vacation settings, energy savings and system monitoring at home or away. (Energy Star Certified 3.55 - 3.70 UEF)

Eco Net Enable Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater Provided by Rheem




Our home is all electric (nothing burns). Mitsubishi Mini Splits heat and cool the air within the home by moving heat in or out using the refrigeration cycle that is 60-70% more efficient than a traditional forced air system. Variable Refrigerant Flow allows us to move heat from one room to another before calling for or discharging heat to the compressor. Advanced filtration features deodorize and purify the air. You can monitor and adjust your wall or ceiling unit air conditioner and heater with a remote control in each room, or create programs.

Equipment provided by Mitsubishi Electric
Installed by New City HVAC


Beko Appliances are the number one home appliance in Europe and the two time Energy Star Partner of the year award winner for contributions to protecting the environment through energy efficiency. Our home showcases:

  • Ventless dryer
  • Water Sense certified Washer
  • Induction cook top (cast iron ready)
  • Convection oven & microwave
  • Water Sense certified dishwasher
  • Spacious Fridge & Freezer

    Appliances Donated by Beko Appliances

LED Light Fixtures

LED light fixtures use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than
incandescent bulb fixtures. All light fixtures are LED and there are only
6 LED bulbs in the entire home. LED fixtures produce very little heat and provide daylight quality light. 

Bedroom Circular Light Fixtures Donated by W.A.C Lighting


This home is outfitted with 39 solar panels that will generate 15,153 KWH annually. That is enough to offset the entire energy consumption of the home on an annual basis, plus enough to charge an electric car to drive 20 miles per day. The energy costs of this home will be approximately $100/ year. ($9/ month connection fee to be connected
to the grid).

Panels and installation Donated by ES Solar      


Islanding Battery

Our home is outfitted with a battery back up system. The Solar Array can be  switched into an "islanded" state to allow "critical loads" such as lights, outlets, fridge, and stove. The Goal Zero "Yeti" portable power station can be used for outdoor adventures and provide peace of mind during power outages or natural disasters.

Battery by Goal Zero Donated by ES Solar

Programmable Thermostat

Zone controls use separate thermostats in each area to send information to a central control panel, directing air flow only to the zone that needs conditioning.  Zone controls allow one central HVAC system to evenly condition multi-floor homes and enable homeowners to control the amount of HVAC supplied to different sections of their homes.

Donated by New City HVAC



Because our home is so air tight (.6 ACH), we have replaced our bathroom fans with mechanical ventilation to ensure good indoor air quality. The Energy Recovery Ventilator continuously exchanges stale indoor air with fresh outside air and recovers 95% of the energy invested in that air.

Donated by New City HVAC