Operating Systems & Bundle Charges

All WSU-owned computers (see the list at the bottom for what constitutes a “computer”) are eligible to install the following software and required operating systems:

Operating System Software

  • Windows OS (currently supporting 10 Enterprise)
  • Mac OS X 10.12+
  • Microsoft Office Professional and Office 365 Suites (for PC and Mac)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (For PC and Mac)
  • Antivirus Software

As of July 2006, President's Council approved the bundle charge, now set at $110 per new campus computer, to fund the above campus-wide licensing costs.  The IT Business Office now manages bundle charges and they are being billed through our IT division billing database (Pinnacle). 
The Bundle Charges will show up on the users Departmental Usage Report (Crystal Report).  For information to access this report contact Tricia Burton at ext. 7155   

The Bundle Charges will also be referenced on the Departments Financial Reports (Crystal Report) under banner account code 71310 (Software Reimb-wp) The contact information for Bundle charges is Tricia Burton (801) 626-7155.

The software can be installed by contacting your CTC, or by contacting the IT Service Desk to set up an appointment at (801) 626-7777.

When purchasing a new PC computer select Windows 10 Home Edition for the OS.  The IT Service Desk will provide Windows 10 Enterprise when they set up the new computer for you. 

WSU Microsoft Office Suite software includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, and OneNote. Requests can be made for Outlook.

If you want to run Windows on your MAC you will need to purchase a copy of Parallels from the Bookstore or run Bootcamp or another virtual software (ie VM Ware).

What is considered a computer?

  • PC Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Netbook, or full OS Tablet
  • Mac Desktop or Laptop
  • Thin client device delivering an OS as a virtual machine and using the above software