Success Stories

WSU’s Small Business Development Center has your dreams in mind. Whether you run a part-time, home-based business or employ hundreds of people, we’ll help you succeed. Here are some of the successful businesses that took advantage of our free and low-cost services:


    “The SBDC is a fantastic representation of the overall business climate and culture in Utah. It is one of inclusiveness, real networking and inspiration. We are thankful for the ongoing support of the SBDC.”
    —Gina and Tony Duffy, Owners

  • Mark Balboni, LLC

    “I was pleased that the SBDC offered local assistance. This for me was an added bonus. On another level, it personalized the experience in a positive way.”
    —Mark Balboni, Owner

  • 5th Street Auto Sales

    “The SBDC gave me a lot of good ideas on how to get started and make a profit, as well as what it takes to run a successful business that makes money.”
    —John and Amber Gronau, Owners

  • Striders

    “The SBDC guided me in the right direction on how to successfully get funding.”
    —John and Kristin Wojciechowski, Owners

  • Forthgear, Inc.

    “The SBDC, in all reality made a big difference.”
    —Brett Gee and Brent Hart, Owners

  • Therapeutix

    “I had no idea so much help was available. The SBDC Counselor, Jo helped me think of things I had never considered before. I couldn’t have made it as far as I did without her.”
    —Crystal Hoppie, Owner

  • Grandpa's Kitchen

  • Eveready Staffing

    “The SBDC set me up for success.”
    —Diane Belle, Owner

  • Pro Image Sports

    “Because of the help of the SBDC, I was able to put together a successful and professional business plan. They also recommended a member of a bank to contact for a business loan.”
    —Troy Osborn, Owner

  • Tumblebus

    “I was told the ‘Cost Projection’ that SBDC helped me to compile would be the most beneficial document—and it is true. I refer to it often to track my actual income and expenses, and see a much more realistic outcome. I set income and expense goals and this one document and it helps me keep me on track.”
    —Jennifer and Robin Shrodes, Owner

  • PetZen Products

    “The SBDC is such a valuable resource to have in a community. For a small startup it is not always easy to access the expertise you need. Particularly, gathering impartial expertise is difficult. Most small businesses (and even large) tend to live in a bubble of their own reality.”
    —Krista Wickens and Don Standing, Owners

  • Ba'Zei Boutique

    “With the help of the SBDC, we were able to see the big picture and everything that is associated with running a successful business. There’s so much more to a business than what you realize.”
    —LeAnn Talbot and Chantel Gadie, Owner