Website Services

Dani: 801-626-8036 
Rachel: 801-626-7521

Website Maintenance 

Request Updates to Your Website 

Contact Rachel

Updates are generally done within two business days, but could take longer depending on update needs.


All content you send us to make the updates to your website must be ready to be posted. This means that:

  • The content is in a Word/Google Doc or email with text that can be copied and pasted
  • You have reviewed the content to make sure it is correct
  • There are no spelling or grammatical errors
  • Any photos or graphics you request that we use on your website are not copyrighted 
  • Any videos you request we add to your website are captioned
  • Any Word Docs that are necessary for the website have been created with accessible layout in Microsoft Word
  • Any PDFs that are necessary for the website have been created correctly via a Word Doc conversion to a PDF

We will simplify and format all content for the web and double check for accessibility and spelling/grammatical errors, but we are relying on the content you send us to be ready to go.


Maintain Your Own Website 

Contact Dani to request Site Manager access

* Depending on your particular website layout, you may not be able to maintain the whole site yourself. 

What you can update:  We encourage you to only update text on your website. Please come to us for all graphic needs, new page creation, navigation updates and all major updates.







Most forms for WSU websites can be built in Google Forms. It is your responsibility to create and maintain this form. Just send it to SA Marketing when you are ready to embed it on your website.

  • Video on how to create Google Form
    • Please send embed code to Dani/Rachel instead of adding it to your website yourself (unless you are familiar with code).
  • Qualtrics form (secure for FERPA related info)
    • Find Qualtrics training in TrainingTracker
  • If you need a custom secure form more robust than Qualtrics can offer, contact Dani.

Process: New Website or Redesign 

Development time for website redesigns may vary. Work with SA Marketing to figure out a timeline.

Coming Soon: Your website will be reviewed during your program review every five years and redesigns or major updates will be addressed if necessary.

  1.  You complete the creative brief and email to
  2.  Receive a meeting request from Dani to review website sitemap created based on a creative brief
  3.  You create content for your website and send to
  4.  Receive mock-up of website for approval
  5.  SA Marketing will test and take website live
  6.  SA Marketing will help you with continued maintenance and tweaks to the website based on analytics and student feedback

Student Affairs Web Standards

Training Video

Watch this hour-long video to get a lot of the standards you will read about below. 



*Student Affairs Web Standards Print Version (PDF)


Contact: Dani McKean 801-626-8036 | SA Marketing Staff