We do not currently offer photography services but please see tips and options for professionals below.

Taking Photos Yourself



crowd release exampleNeed Crowd Release?

Is your event in a crowded place where you will be taking pictures or video of the event?

You can check out crowd release posters and lawn signs from us to post on the day of your event to ensure that your images can be legally used.

Contact Dani to check out signs.

*Remember to take pictures of the posted signage at your event for reference.


Professional Services



We strongly recommend you use a professional because good photography is very important for marketing.


Free Stock Photography 



Do not just take photos from the web! Use these free photo resources.



  • Google Images - ONLY if you adjust your settings:
    • Google Advanced Image Search
      You can search for images that have been released from copyrights under Creative Commons using Google Advanced Image Search. 
      • Go to Google Images
      • Click on settings in the bottom right corner
      • Choose advanced search. That will open the Advanced Image Search page. 
      • On the Advanced Image Search page, type in what you are looking for in the first box
      • In the usage rights (the last box) select free to use or share, even commercially
      • You can use any images from that search, however the quality of the photo my not be very good.

For Purchase Stock Photography



Do not just take photos from the web! Use these photo resources.

Contact: Dani McKean 801-626-8036 | SA Marketing Staff