Advertise Your Student Affairs Event





  • NOTE: SA Marketing assumes that you have created this event following correct WSU procedures. SA Marketing is here to help you market an event, not create an event.
    • We need FINALIZED information and the form below completed ONE MONTH before you want to start advertising. If we do not get your request on time, we may not be able to take on your project. 
    • We recommend advertising two weeks before the event.
  • ALREADY CREATED YOUR OWN MARKETING: If you have created your own poster and just need us to help you market your event, we will need you to provide us with different sized graphics for various mediums. We will not be taking your poster designs and creating those for you.
  • VIRTUAL EVENT: If your event is virtual, please have any Zoom links ready to go. If you need a website to host your virtual event (instead of a live Zoom meeting) such as displaying videos, let Dani know at least two months in advance and be ready with that content shortly after.
  • STUDENT AFFAIRS CALENDAR: Add your event to the SA Google Master Calendar by inviting to your Google Calendar event. Do this as soon as you can so others can plan their events around your event. Remember to keep this event updated as you finalize information or if the event is canceled. You can see the calendar at the bottom of the SA Involvement page and if you need to see it on your Google Calendar, request access from Dani.


  • SAVE THE DATE OR SPONSORSHIP LETTER: If you just need Save the Date or Sponsorship Letter materials far in advance of the event, please contact Dani one month before you need these materials with all the details you will need added. Then, fill out the Marketing Request Form below when you have your event content finalized and you know how you want to advertise.
  • EVENT CHECK-IN & TRACKING: You may use a Qualtrics survey (contact Garin or GivePulse.
  • VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY: Need a professional videographer/photographer at your event? Marketing & Communications offers excellent rates for professional services. MarComm Request Form
    • A-frames in Shepherd Union
    • SA Marketing materials (check out from and return to Anex 9)
      • A-frames for non-Union locations
      • Crowd release materials
    • WSU Display Materials

Printable PDF Of Checklist 

Dani: 801-626-8036 | Lindsay: 801-626-7859


Need Crowd Release?



Is your event in a crowded place where you will be taking pictures or video of the event?

You can check out crowd release posters and lawn signs to post on the day of your event to ensure that your images can be used.

Contact Dani to check out signs:

If you are getting photos close up to people's faces and intend to use them on any marketing materials (outside of just social media), we recommend that you have them sign a photo/video release.

*Remember to take pictures of the posted signage at your event and save photos and any signed releases to Box for reference.

crowd release poster

10 Steps to Marketing Your Event 



  1. Complete request to advertise event form. 
  2. Receive a verification email from Google outlining the options you chose in the form.
  3. Receive follow up email from Dani with clarifying questions.
  4. Receive poster design options or an updated poster with your existing design for repeat events from Lindsay. 
  5. Pick a design and send any needed updates and amount of prints.
  6. Receive all design files for final approval.

    With your consent to print, you agree that you are satisfied with the design, the content is free of errors and you have permission to use any photos/graphics you provided for this project. If an error is found, you are responsible for the re-print.

  7. Receive email from printing company to pay for your prints on a p-card. You will be in charge of picking up prints.
  8. You are in charge of posting and taking down prints around campus. 
  9. If you have social media, we will send you graphics for you to post to your accounts or we can make posts for you if you do not have social media.
  10. We will get all of your requested digital marketing posted.

Standards and Resources 




Contact: Dani McKean 801-626-8036 | SA Marketing Staff