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Sending Mass Email to Students

Email is a great way to communicate with students and one of the top ways they tell us they want to be communicated with. Please be aware of the amount of email that students already receive. Reach out to Dani to discuss if email is the correct communication tool for your needs.

Sending Official WSU Internal Email To Students, Faculty Or Staff

  1. First, contact Dani to make sure this is the best medium for your needs. 
  2. Learn more about details of mass email and requirements.
  3. If we decide this is the medium to get out your message, you can request it through the Mass Email Request Form.

A nice looking email can be made for this send with a header and a footer, but it will not have the layout options or analytical information that go out through email programs such as Mail Chimp.

WSU Announcement System

The announcements are a great communication tool to connect with students in a more targeted manner through categories.

Features of System:

  • It is an opt-out system instead of an opt-in, so all students and faculty/staff receive all announcements targeted to them unless they opt-out or change their categories of interest.
  • There are various categories for you to post your announcements to better target students who choose those categories to receive information about. You can pick up to three categories when posting.
  • There are some mandatory categories that students and faculty/staff will not be able to opt out of.
  • Users can select how often they want to receive the announcements email. 
  • You can add pictures, attach flyers and add an "add to calendar" button.

Learn More About Announcements & Request a Post or Access

Note: please advise your students to check their student emails or forward their student email to their preferred email so they receive communications from WSU.

Email Programs

--- MailChimp ---

  • tracks email lists for you and allows you to create many targeted email lists
  • adds essential legal elements to the bottom of the email
  • provides helpful analytics
  • will allow you to add an email sign-up on your website that is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation 
  • includes templates for professional layout 
  • is free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month
  • IF YOU USE MAILCHIMP you must first submit a request by completing the Software Risk Assessment

--- G-mail ---

  • can send directly from your Weber email account
  • can only send 500 emails a day
  • can work with Anna Burleson: for listserv info
  • minimal design options but you can download the HTML email template from the WSU branding website - the download includes instructions for using the template
  • you must maintain your email list in a secure manner
  • follow guidelines below



--- Footer Copy ---

All mass email to students needs to have in the bottom of every email sent:

Footer Copy Example:

Copyright © 2021 Weber State University Outdoor Program, All rights reserved. 
We send special offers and trip information to customers who opt in when renting gear. 

Our mailing address is:
Weber State University Outdoor Program
4022 Stadium Way Dept 3301
Ogden, UT 84408-3301

Weber State University Privacy Policies

Want to change how you receive these emails?
You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list

If you are sending email through your Gmail account:

  • The “unsubscribe” copy can ask users to reply the email to request to be unsubscribed
  • Maintain your email list to ensure that emails that bounce and all unsubscribe requests are properly removed

If you are sending email through MailChimp:

  • These elements are already added to your email (if you set up your templates correctly)


--- Sending Logistics ---

  • How often: Please remember that students are already overwhelmed with email and will not read your email if it comes too frequently. Only send email when you actually have something important to send them. You could even create a poll and ask your students on your email list how often they would like to be emailed.
  • When: There is not a specific time that is best. Keep track of your open rates if you are using MailChimp to see if there tends to be a time when  your particular audience opens emails more often than other times.
  • Sending from: Please use your department email address to send emails. 
  • Subject: Subjects are important to increasing open rates.


--- Gathering Email ---

If you need to send an email to all existing students or a subset that a ListServe can be made for, contact Anna Burleson: | 801-626-6347.

If you need to gather your own email list of students who are particularly interested in your area, the best approach to ensure you are following General Data Protection Regulation and best practice for list maintenance is to add a sign-up option to your website. If you are using MailChimp, this is super easy! Contact Dani to get this added to your website.

  • We recommend that you send users to your website to sign up for your email rather than manually collecting email.
    • If you do not have an email sign-up feature on your website, contact Dani to see what your options are.
  • You cannot collect email via a paper sign-up list.
  • It needs to be very clear that users are signing up for your email list - do not just collect email addresses from other materials without the users being aware that you will be sending them email.

Gathering email addresses at Block Party or tabling events: 
We recommend that you use a Qualtrics survey/form on portable iPads for students to sign up or send them to your website or QR code where we can have the form. Please don't use a list on a clipboard where everyone can view the email addresses listed on the document. You have access to Qualtrics in your eWeber Portal. Check Training Tracker for training options.

Download Template: What Email Sign-Up Form Should Include

Personal Email Signatures

For consistency, WSU offers a tool to create your email signature for you! This signature includes an official WSU logo.

Create Your Signature

If you prefer to have your own department logo instead of a WSU logo, here are the URLs to your official department logos that you can add into your email signature via your Gmail settings. Contact Dani if you do not see your logo below.

Format Ideas:


facebook instagram

student affairs

keeping connected

Office: 801-xxx-xxxx
Cell: 801-xxx-xxxx
student affairs

upcoming event advertisement

Office: 801-xxx-xxxx
Cell: 801-xxx-xxxx
(Pronouns: xxxxx)

Student affairs email graphic


Logo URL
keeping connected
Student affairs email graphic
student affairs

access & diversity

campus rec

career services


center for multicultural excellence

counseling and Psychological Services center

davis learning center

davis student services

disability services

diversity and inclusive programs

LGBT resource center

student health center

money management

student affairs technology

student involvement and leadership

student wellness

testing services

veterans services

women's center

writing center

If you would like to add social media icons to your email, here are the URLs to the ones we would like all Student Affairs departments to use on email and web:

Icon URL


Lined In




you tube

Getting a Department Email

We strongly encourage each department to have an email (example:,

Pros of Department Email

  • One email contact on marketing materials
  • Don't have to update email on marketing materials with turnover
  • Multiple users can have access to account
  • Should be using department email to create social media accounts

Request Department Email

It is easy to request a department email address! IT has a simple online form. Be prepared with who the administrator will be, those who will need access, and what you want the password to be. We recommend that the department email name copy the website URL, so would be

Request Email Account


Contact: Dani McKean 801-626-8036 | SA Marketing Staff