Professional Sales Departmental Honors

Did you know you can be accepted into Departmental Honors prior to meeting all requirements? Please email or call Paige Young, Department Advisor with your name and W# to start the application process.  Please note that you do not need to meet all the requirements until you apply for graduation. 

Paige Young, Department Advisor

Recognition Through Departmental Honors

  • Your transcript and degree diploma will be printed with the distinction, "Departmental Honors in Professional Sales."
  • You will receive an invitation to all Honors Program social and educational events.
  • You will receive an invitation to the Honors Nye Banquet when you graduate.

Requirements to graduate with Professional Sales Honors:   

  • Be declared as a Professional Sales major earning a Bachelor of Science degree
  • Apply for Professional Sales Departmental Honors prior to the beginning of your last semester before graduation
  • Complete all of the requirements for a bachelor's degree in Professional Sales
  • Earn a 3.7 GPA in the Professional Sales major
  • Earn an A in the PS 4610 and PS 4620 senior project classes
  • Compete and place in one or more of the Sales Competitions offered, OR take PS 3703 and earn a "B" grade or higher

If you have not completed general education requirements, you are encouraged to take honors, general education classes.