Committee Assignments

Listed below are various (sub)committees within the SAC and on campus that each individual SAC members serve on with the purpose of gathering information and representing concerns from exempt and non-exempt staff.

Generally, (sub)committee meetings occur monthly or as determined by each committee chair.

Staff Relations: Data/Retention

Katelyn Blanch - Student Access & Success

Charge(s): standardize exit process and determination of retention cost.


Ray Ruiz - Vice Chair

Charge: oversee a fair and equitable election process

Faculty Senate

Ray Ruiz -  Vice Chair

   Amanda Young - Current Chair

Staff Relations: Recognition

Helen Fink - UA/PO/EDI

Charge(s): make progress towards implementing a campus-wide staff recognition program.


Darcy Gregg - Academic Affairs

Charge(s): update and maintain the SAC website.



Ray Ruiz - Information Technology

Charge: TBA

Advocacy and Recommendation

Shelly Belflower - Information Technology

Charge(s): develop a procedure for receiving and addressing staff grievances.

Policy Committee

Marc Gangwer - Student Access & Success

Charge(s): engage in the policy review process and initiate/identify policy updates/changes based on SAC initiatives and staff feedback.

Miscellaneous Representation

Parking Services Committee - Richard Badger 
Presidential Outstanding Staff Awards Committee - Camille Gooch 
Bylaws - Aubrey Jenkins Lord 

Additionally, the SAC leadership serves on the following administrative committees, representing the voice of all campus staff employees.
WSU Board of Trustees
President's Council
Medical Benefits Advisory Committee
IT Advisory Council
University Planning Council
Utah Higher Education Staff Association (UHESA)

Revised 10-04-23