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Cadre and Staff

  • LTC Angelique A. Pifer

    Professor of Military Science
    Department Chair
    MS IV Instructor

  • MSG Alejo Sanchez

    Senior Military Science Instructor
    MS II Instructor

  • CPT Nicole Donato

    Executive Officer                          Asst. Professor of Military Science
    MS I Instructor

  • MAJ Kelly Kimber

    MILS Instructor

  • SFC Miguel A. Maldonado

     Operations                               MS III Instructor

  • SFC Marty Clayton

    Operations Officer S-3
    Marksmanship & Survival Instructor


  • SSG Brady Wilcox

    Utah Army National Guard Recruiter

  • Mr. Clyde M. Ratliff

    Recruiting Operations Officer    Enrollment Officer                    Scholarship Officer

  • Mr. Scott E. Kibler

    Human Resources Administrator S-1

  • Mr. Ben Bauknecht

    Contractor                                      Military History Instructor

  • Mrs. Jane Michels

    Administrative Assistant