Study of plant life. Agriculture, agronomy, horticulture, forestry, plant taxonomy, plant physiology, plant pathology, plant genetics, hydroponics, algae, etc.


Study of the composition of matter and laws governing it. Physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials, plastics, fuels, metallurgy, soil chemistry, etc.


Study of the universe. Geology, mineralogy, physiographic, oceanography, meteorology, planetary astronomy (solar system oriented topics such as planetary geology, asteroids, etc.), seismology, geography, geophysics, etc.

Energy and Transportation

Study of energy and transportation. Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering, Aerodynamics, Alternative Fuels, Fossil Fuel Energy, Vehicle Development, Renewable Energies, etc.

Engineering and Computer Science

Technology projects that directly apply scientific principles to practical uses. Civil, mechanical, manufacturing, aeronautical, chemical, electrical, sound, automotive, heating and refrigerating, transportation, environmental engineering, etc.


Study of pollution sources and their control Ecology, recycling, acid rain etc.


Development and application of numerical computations\ theories, principles and laws governing energy also includes computer sciences. Calculus, geometry, abstract algebra, number theories, statistics, complex analysis and probability. Solid state, optics, acoustics, superconductivity, fluid and gas dynamics, thermodynamics, magnetism, quantum mechanics, biophysics and states of matter, computer programming, computers in general, cosmology, astronomy (except planetary geology and solar system studies), etc.


Study of disease and health of humans and animals. Dentistry, pharmacology, pathology, ophthalmology, nutrition, sanitation, dermatology, allergies, speech and hearing, etc.


Biology of microorganisms. Bacteriology, virology, fungi, bacteria, yeast, etc.


Study of human & animal behavior and relationships. Psychology, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, learning, perception, public opinion surveys, effects of stress, conditioned responses, etc.


Study of animals. Animal genetics, ornithology, entomology, animal ecology, paleontology, cytology, histology, animal physiology, invertebrates, etc.