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Your donations allow us to continue our meaningful work in promoting ethical leadership.

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What We Do

Ethics Scholarships

Each year, the Richard Richards Institute awards a number of $1,000 scholarships to deserving high school seniors who write essays about ethical situations they have had to navigate.

Honoring Ethical Leaders

Our two Ethical Leadership Awards are given annually to a Weber County recipient and a Davis County recipient. Each award is given to someone who exemplifies the highest standard of ethical leadership.

Promoting Ethics in our Community

We actively promote ethics in our community by hosting panels and public discussions on ethics (Ethics Slams!) that get community members sharing their viewpoints on important ethical issues.

Promoting Respectful Dialogue

At every Richard Richards Institute event, the focus is on rational, civil discourse. We live in a time when discussion of ethics often becomes vitriolic and counterproductive. We are working to overcome this by reminding people that we are all better off when we are respectful toward those with whom we disagree.