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Dr. Robert Fudge, Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy

Department of Political Science and Philosophy



2001 – Ph.D. in Philosophy, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.

1994 – M.A. in Philosophy, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.

1991 – B.A. in Philosophy, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.



Academic Interests


Ethics, Aesthetics, Adam Smith

Classes Regularly Taught

  • PHIL 1000 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 1120 Contemporary Moral Problems
  • PHIL 1250 Critical Thinking
  • PHIL 3200 Philosophy of Democracy
  • PHIL 3650 Aesthetics
  • PHIL 3700 Environmental Philosophy
  • PHIL 4600 Ethical Theory



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"Sympathy, Principles, and Conscience: Getting to the Heart of Huck Finn’s Moral Praiseworthiness," Mark Twain and Philosophy, ed. Alan Goldman (Rowman & Littlefield, 2017), pp. 30-39.

"The Art Type Theory of Art,"Philosophical Papers 44 (2015): 321-343.

"Value Incommensurability and the Challenges of Civic Engagement," Reflections on Technology and Democracy, ed. Lee Trepanier (Cedar City, UT: Southern Utah University Press, 2010), pp. 76-91.

"On the Beauty and Sublimity of Golf" (with Joe Ulatowski), Golf and Philosophy, ed. Andy Wiebel (University of Kentucky Press, 2010), pp. 15-30.

"Sympathy, Beauty, and Sentiment: Adam Smith’s Aesthetic Morality,"The Journal of Scottish Philosophy 7(2) (2009): 133-146.

"Whisper Things into My Brain: Metallica, Emotion, and Morality,"Metallica and Philosophy: A Crash Course in Brain Surgery, ed. William T. Irwin (Blackwell, 2007), pp. 5-15.

"A Vindication of Strong Aesthetic Supervenience,"Philosophical Papers 34 (2005): 149-171.

"Problems with Contextualizing Aesthetic Properties,"The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 61 (2003): 67-70 (with response by Marcia Eaton).

"Imagination and the Science-Based Aesthetic Appreciation of Unscenic Nature,"The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 59 (2001): 275-285.

"On Harwood’s Plural Voting System" (with Carol Quinn), Journal of Social Philosophy 32 (2001): 500-504.

"A Dialogic Approach to Introducing Informal Fallacies," Teaching Philosophy 24 (2001): 371-377.

"Motivating Employees to Act Ethically: An Expectancy Theory Approach" (with John Schlacter), Journal of Business Ethics 18 (1999): 295-304.

Societies and Organizations

American Philosophical Association (

International Adam Smith Society (

American Society for Aesthetics (

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (



Dr. Robert Fudge
Office: LH 140
Phone: 801-626-6694

Department of Political Science and Philosophy
1299 Edvalson Street; Dept 1204
Ogden, UT 84408-1204