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The Department of Respiratory Therapy 


First, a sincere thank you to you and your organization for participating as a WSU preceptor within our Respiratory Therapy program. We know that without you, our students would not receive that critical piece of education that they can only experience from hands-on training!

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please do not hesitate to contact our Clinical Director, Mich Oki at 801-698-2806 or moki@weber.edu.


  • Preceptor Steps

    Please complete the registration process by going to peepity.com and registering as a "Clinician". 

    If you lose your PEEPity password, click on the "Lost Password" link to reset it.   Or click on "Paswordless Login" and you will get an email that will have a link that will log you into Peepity.com.

    Please complete the following PEEPity tasks for each student you precept:
    (If you need assistance, each student has also been given instructions to assist you in this process.)

    Approve the students Skills Log (the student will assist you with this) and Complete an Affective Student Evaluation on PEEPity. Both these items will be in your "In Box". Once you complete one item, click on the "In Box" or "Home" icon on the top of the page to get back to your "In Box" so you can complete the second item.

    Due to accreditation standards through CoARC, our students will also complete a Preceptor Evaluation for quality assurance purposes.



  • Incidents

    If a student has an exposure or accident in the clinical setting, please follow these instructions and notify our Clinical Director, Mich Oki. 

    The following forms will need to be completed, signed and submitted: Individual's Report of Incident Form and Supervisor's Report of Incident Form

    Tuition Waivers 

    For information and forms regarding a preceptor tuition waiver, please follow the links below:

    Preceptor tuition waiver instructions  Preceptor time log


    Again, THANK YOU for making the commitment to ensure our future is filled with dedicated and compassionate healthcare professionals!

    Student Skills

    Each clinical rotation will have a set of skills to be completed, click here for that list by clinical rotation. 

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