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Weber State is among the few universities to offer a Respiratory Therapy bachelor’s degree, as well as a program that takes
you from an associate’s to master’s degree in respiratory therapy.





Associate of Applied Science in Respiratory Therapy

Our associate’s degree in Respiratory Therapy prepares you to enter the bachelor’s degree program.

To sign up, choose the program when you apply for WSU admission.

Apply for Admission

If you’re already admitted to the university, declare your major by contacting Alisa Kimball at 801-626-7071 or



Our Associate of Science to Master of Science in Respiratory Therapy (AS to MSRT) program allows you to earn your master’s degree within three years. To be accepted, you must:

  • Have completed an Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy at a regionally accredited institution
  • Have your registered respiratory therapist (RRT) credential

If you meet the criteria, you’ll receive a conditional acceptance to Weber State’s MSRT program based on completing the Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy program curriculum during your first year. Once you complete the bachelor’s degree requirements, you’ll matriculate into the MSRT program. If you do not meet MSRT acceptance requirements at the end of your first year, you will be advised to complete undergraduate courses to earn your bachelor’s degree, but acceptance to the MSRT program would not be guaranteed.

AS to MSRT Application


Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy

Step 1: Apply for Admission

Apply to WSU

Transfer Students

Follow the link to apply for the program that is right for you.

Step 2: Complete Prerequisites

Complete all courses on the Prerequisite Course Checklist (below) with a letter grade of C or higher. 
CR/NC is not acceptable for these courses.

Click here for Progam Applicant Checklist and Advising Video


Step 3: Pre-Admission Advising

Meet with admissions advisor Shauna Pitt or Brittney Maynard to make sure you meet all admission requirements.

Call 801-626-6136 or email

Step 4: Complete Your Application

Weber State’s Department of Respiratory Therapy is not accepting applications at this time. Next applications for the Ogden cohort will be open December 28th through February 1st

Apply Here
Applications for the Ogden program are due February 1st of each year
Applications for the Davis program are due July 1 (even years)
Applications for the SLC program are due July 1 (odd years)

*Any applications submitted after deadline, will not be processed or refunded.  

Click here for instuctions on how to complete online application.

Step 5: Register for Classes

Ogden students can register for courses through the “Register for Classes (Add/Drop)” application in the eWeber portal.

If joining the Davis campus or Salt Lake City program, find registration instructions on your program's bulletin board.

Davis Bulletin Board
Salt Lake City Bulletin Board