Faculty Vitality Projects

Climate-Society Interactions and Utah's Great Salt Lake
Dr. Daniel Bedford, Geography
Dr. Bedford will present a paper at the Association of America Geographers annual meeting in Denver, CO in April 2005. His paper examines the complex interrelationships between the Great Salt Lake and regional climate, and considers the roughly 50 year history of human management of this unique resource.

Split Rocks Arts Program: The Art Quilt
Dr. Judy Elsley, English
Dr. Elsley will attend a week-long workshop at the Split Rock Summer Arts Program in Minneapolis, MN in July 2005. Her purpose in attending is to refine, develop and deepen her understanding of art quilts for a paper she is writing on this subject.

Ethnic Differences in Perceptions and Reactions to Multicultural and Assimilation Strategies of Prejudice Reduction
Dr. Azenett Garza-Caballero, Psychology
Dr. Garza-Caballero will present two papers at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology annual conference to be held in New Orleans, LA in January 2005. These two papers are part of her dissertation work.

A Long Echo: Voices from Maoist Chinese Cinema, 1949-1966
Dr. Greg Lewis, History
Dr. Lewis will travel to China to interview 18 Maoist-era film-makers on the 1949-1966 formative period of People's Republic of China cinema. In addition, he will organize an academic panel of presenters for the Chinese Cinema and Asian Cinema in the Context of Globalization international conference to be held in Beijing and Shanghai in June 2005.

Power Imbalances in Police-Probation Partnerships
David Murphy, Criminal Justice
Professor Murphy will present a paper at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL in March 2005. His paper's thesis is that a close working relationship between police and probation officers will not necessarily result in a net improvement in the quality of services provided by the participating agencies.

The Effects of Providing Novice Composers with the Verbal Compositional Strategies of Capable Peers
Dr. Thomas Priest, Performing Arts - Music
Dr. Priest will evaluate the effectiveness of a teaching strategy for helping students develop their musical compositional skills. The results of this study are well anticipated to immediately impact Dr. Priest's approach to teaching musical composition, as well as to help his students better understand the problems associated with nurturing musical composition in classroom settings.