New Faculty Projects - Faculty Vitality Projects - Collaborative Vitality Projects

New Faculty Projects

Prevalence and Effects of Mycoplasmal Conjunctivitis and Avian Pox on a Northern Utah House Finch Population
John Cavitt, Zoology

Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Discrete and Order Choice Random Utility Models
Therese Cavlovic, Economics

Analysis of Undergraduate Learners' Connection sof the Nature of Science: Views of Science, Nature, Religion and Knowledge
Adam Johnston, Physics

Weaving a Navajo Rug: Anthropologist Gladys Reichard as Teacher and Writer
Becky Jo McShane, English

Surrealistic Influences in the Expression of Social Criticism in Postwar Women's Writing (Germany and Austria)
Eva Ludwiga Szala, Foreign Languages

Investment Company Advisor Compensation: An Empirical Examination
Denise Woodbury, Business Administration

Faculty Vitality Projects

Exploring Innovative Approaches to Treating Drug Addiction and Reducing Drug-related Harm: Learning from Switzerland’s Application of the Harm Reduction Model to National Health and Drug Policies and Programs
Mark Bigler, Social Work
A visit to three cities in Switzerland to view firsthand the application of harm reduction principles to the treatment of drug addiction in that country.

Polysomnography Curriculum Development
Georgine Bills, Respiratory Therapy
The creation of a series of course in the testing of sleep apnea. This is a growing area of testing in which respiratory therapists can be trained and in which there is a significant shortage . Two doctors will present the initial courses on campus this summer with the development of curriculum taught by the department in the future.

Faculty Development in International Business
Rolf Dixon, Business Administration
Attendance at the Faculty Development in International Business program sponsored by the University of South Carolina.

The German Army’s Perception of Russia, 1914-1918
Oliver Griffin, History
Archival research in Germany on perceptions of Russia in German military leadership between 1914 and 1918.

People to People Ambassador Programs: Ultrasound Delegation to Australia
Diane Kawamura, Radiologic Sciences
Participation in the People to People Program as part of a delegation of ultrasound professionals to Australia, March 23 - April 1, 2001.

Translating New China’s Cinema for English-speaking Audiences
Greg Lewis, History
The translation and subtitling on video disc of five outstanding films produced in China between 1949 and 1957.

Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication
Mary Quiroz-Whisler, English/English as a Second Language
Attendance at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication sponsored by The Intercultural Communication Institute at Pacific University in Portland, July 18-20.

International Conference on Anglophone Drama at the Dawn of a New Millennium
Martha Ritchie, Performing Arts
Presentation of the paper, "National Redemption, Feminist Subjectivity, and Art in Timberlake Wertenbaker’s Our Country’s Good and Three Birds Alighting on a Field," at an international conference sponsored by the Department of germanic and Modern Languages of the University of Brussels, Belgium.

Wireless Application Development
Dolly Samson, Information Systems and Technology
Attendance at the national Wireless Web 2001 Conference in Washington, DC in April 2001 and the subsequent creation of a Wireless Web System Development course.

Professional Growth Through Studying Violin Teaching and Performing with Two Master Teachers
Sh-Hwa Wang, Performing Arts
Study with two teachers at the San Francisco Conservatory with observation of their teaching with other students, and observation of the San Francisco Symphony during its rehearsals.

Taking a Vital Leadership Role at the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy
Yu-Jane Yang, Performing Arts
Present at the Pre-Conference Seminar for the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy and attend the 2001 National Conference on Piano Pedagogy, "Extraordinary Results with Every Student Through Exceptional Teaching."

Collaborative Vitality Projects

The Intervention and Research Program for the Preservation of Tomorrow’s Children
Erica Amsel, Psychology
Paul Caldarella, Psychology
Bill McVaugh, Psychology
Maria Parilla de Kokal, Psychology
Support for WSU psychology students in providing academic and social skill intervention for 66 high-risk Garmercy Elementary first graders.

Collaborative Model for Faculty Development: Presentation at the Ed-Media 2001 World Conference on Educational Media, Hypermedia and Telecommunications
Carol Hansen, Library
Catherine Zublin, Performing Arts
Presentation of a paper on the web enhanced course, Humanities on the Internet, at the Ed-Media 2001 World Conference on Educational media, Hypermedia and telecommunications in Tampere, Finland, June 25-30.