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New Faculty Projects

Evolution of Male Parental Care in the European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)
John Cavitt, Zoology
This proposal examines the adaptive basis of assistance by the male European Starling during the incubation period through the use of "phenotopic engineering." This is the production of novel behavioral phenotypes through manipulation of plasma hormone levels. By determining the consequences to changes in parental activity patterns, understanding can be gained for the selective forces shaping teh evolution of parental care strategies and life history tactics.

Time of Day Effects on Cognitive Processing and Brain Temperature
Lauren Fowler, Psychology
This study tests the hypothesis that specific types of cognitive tasks elicit differences in performance at varying times of the day. Non-invasive auditory canal probes will be used to measure changes in tympanic membrane temperature, which reflects cerebral blood flow activity. Fluctuations in cognitive performance have been linked to variations in cerebral hemispheric activation and to cerebral blood flow.

Photoreflectance Investigations of Semiconductors
Colin Inglefield, Physics
Photoreflectance is a spectroscopy based on modulation of light reflectance used to obtain information about the electronic properties of semiconductor surfaces. This modulation is obtained a second more intense beam of light, often a laser. Through the comparison of measurements the effect of a single defect on performance will be determined.

Metal Inert Gas and Tungsten Inert Gas Welding
Susan Kanatsiz, Visual Arts
Through this project the artist will create three very large steel structures. In the process the artist will also become certified in Metal Inert Gas and Tungsten Inert Gas welding methods through work at Salt Lake Community College.

Faculty Vitality Projects

Council on International Educational Exchange - International Faculty Development Seminars: Vietnam, July 8-18
William Allison, History
Travel to Vietnam to study contemporary Vietnamese culture, current policies of economic, political, and social renewal in the country and Vietnamese history. Upon return integrate these materials into course on Vietnam.

Engineering Economics Workshop
Scott Amos, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
Present workshop on "Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering" at the joint meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering and the International Cost Engineering Council in Calgary, Alberta, Canada June 25-28th. Workshop will be incorporated into a course on cost engineering in preparation for Fall semester, 2000.

Associated Press International, Journalism Educator’s Training Seminar
Allison Barlow Hess, Communication
Attend week-long seminar which brings together fifteen journalism educators with journalism professionals for discussions on how to prepare students for the news industry. Focus of seminar is on students. future of journalism, and how to enhance curriculum and classes to better prepare students.

25-year Retrospective Exhibition
Drex Brooks, Visual Arts
Prepare materials for Salt Lake Art Center one-person exhibition in Fall 2001. Exhibit will encompass 25-years of photographic productivity and include between 75-100 works. Preparation of this exhibition includes continued research in the use of digital technology to create large format (30x40 and 40x60 inch) color and black and white photographs. Funding is to purchase an Epson Stylus Pro 9000 photographic quality inkjet printer.

Arte de la Peninsula Iberica - A Fourth Semester Content-Based Instruction Course Pack
Alicia Giralt, Foreign Languages
Travel to Spain, studying art in Barcelona, Tarragona, Granada, and Cordoba to develop a course which integrates advanced Spanish grammar study with Spanish art. Materials from the visit will be integrated into a course combined art museum studies with advanced language proficiency.

"New China’s" Cinema: The First Decade, 1949-1959
Greg Lewis, History
Travel to Beijing and Shanghai, China for research on 1950's Chinese cinema. Purchase films for showing on campus, create free film series on campus and present findings from research at the Western Conference for Asian Studies.

Tropical Marine Ecology Course Development and Collection Enhancement
Dwayne Meadows, Zoology
Travel to University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez to develop field site and arrange logistics to create a summer course in marine ecology. In addition to collect specimens for use in the course and for display on campus.

Seed Dispersal by Elephants in Mole National Park, Ghana
John Mull, Zoology
Travel to the savannah of northern Ghana in West Africa to collect samples of elephant materials, dry this material, and search the material for seeds. Seeds will be identified and viability determined to determine dispersal characteristics of these varieties.

Attendance at International Conference of the Institute of Internal Auditors in New York City
James Swearingen, Accounting
Travel to New York City to attend Internal Auditors Conference and implement materials in graduate course in internal auditing.

Advanced Training in Spatial Analysis
Danny Vaughn, Geosciences
Attend training course in either Colorado or California on advanced applications in Geographical Information Systems using ArcInfo 8.0 spatial modeling software. Upon return advanced laboratory exercises will be revised to utilize this software.

Summer at Naropa: Integrating Eastern Thought into the Classroom and Scholarship
Peter Vernezze, Political Science and Philosophy
Attend summer session at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Naropa is the only fully accredited Buddhist university in this country. Upon return integrate Eastern tradition into the Introduction to Philosophy course.

Collaborative Vitality Projects

Student Technology Assistant - Internship Program
Tamara Aird, Continuing Education
Michael Beard
Kraig Chugg, Clinical Laboratory Science
Tom Day, Child and Family Studies
Craig Gundy, Health Sciences
Ruby Licona, Library
Carl Porter, Learning Support
A pilot program was created which developed technological skills in students and then partnered them with faculty. In this team concept the student assisted the faculty member in developing technical skills and competency. In turn, the faculty member provided an individualized learning opportunity for the student. This proposal was based upon a national model developed at William Patterson College in New Jersey and perfected at Seton Hall University. This model helped address the technology support crisis in higher education. The WSU implementation of this model focused on course support, Online course support, website creation, help desk, computer lab support, and peer support and included a summer training camp for selected students.

Putting the Pieces Together: Balanced Literacy Instruction Is Anything but Simple
Michael Cena, Teacher Education
Judith Mitchell, Teacher Education
Present a symposium on the foundations of Balanced Literacy Instruction at the International Reading Association’s World Congress in Auckland, New Zealand. In addition to the conference presentation, visits will be made to New Zealand schools, with presentations upon return to the Utah Council of the International Reading Association.