New Faculty Projects - Faculty Vitality Projects - Collaborative Vitality Projects

New Faculty Projects

The Development of Children’s Reasoning about Pretense
Eric Amsel, Psychology
A study of children aged 3-5 to determine if they can distinguish between pretend play and reality. This project investigates what changes there are in this ability as they grow older.

Looking at Truth Through Ontic Eyes
Richard Beatch, Philosophy
This project looks "into assumptions concerning the nature of the world inherent in different theories of truth." It investigates the "metaphysics" of truth and does it through relativistic understandings of truth.

Solving for Economic Steady States
Arthur Caplan, Economics
This involves the development of systems which are steady-state solutions to numerical examples of constrained optimization problems. Continuation of this work requires access to Mathematica software, which he will use in this and future efforts.

The Interactive Effects of Reward Structure, Individual Ethics, and Intent to Turnover on Reporting Behavior of Auditors
Connie Kiger, Accounting
Certain types of reward systems may be related to undesirable reporting behaviors, even when individual ethics are high. A series of indicators and measures will be used in a survey to accountants.

The Fresh Water-Saline Water Interface in the Great Salt Lake Region
Marek Matyjasik, Geosciences
This project involves monitoring of the mixing zone between fresh ground water and saline water of the Great Salt Lake. This research is described as "locally important for more efficient water management and prevention of possible intrusions of saline water into usable ground water reservoirs..."

Simulating Dynamic Migration Patterns
Doris Geide-Stevenson, Economics
An investigation of international patterns of migration over time through the simulation of an economic model which has the potential to generate these "waves of migration."

Faculty Vitality Projects

The Telling
Erik Stern, Performing Arts
Develop and present a two performer, 45-minute dance/theater work about parents as they raise male children. The essential approach is to deconstruct the components of love and parenthood and put them back together through spoken text, dance, music, costumes, projected images, and scenery.

Bodies and Machines: Writing Literary Narrative
Michael Wutz, English
Examine the unpublished manuscripts and correspondence of late nineteenth-century American writer Frank Norris at the University of California Berkeley Library as an interdisciplinary study on the intersection of science, media technology, and modern British and American narrative.

Aquatic Invertebrates and Bison on Antelope Island, Utah: Potential Interactions
Dwayne Meadows, Zoology
Examine the impact of bison on aquatic invertebrates with student assistance.

Heat Shock Proteins in Nemerteans
Robert Okazaki, Zoology
Travel to University of California Bodega Marine Laboratory to collect and test salt water worms with heat and salinity and determine stress protein response.

Costume Research and Travel
Catherine Zublin, Performing Arts
Travel to Italy to study artwork in Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice, and Milan, increase slide collection, enhance knowledge of Costume History and Design.

Development of Assessment Techniques for Validation of Industry Designed Competencies in Construction Education
Scott Amos, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
Present results of performance based assessment techniques in construction education at conference in Seattle.

Professional Development: Microsoft Tech-Ed 98
Wan Fu Chi, Economics
Attend Microsoft Tech-Ed 98 Conference in New Orleans to learn object-oriented approach of Visual Basic 5 and Active X Technology.

Classroom Support: Novell CNE Training
Laura Anderson, Telecommunications and Business Education
Take seven courses during 1998 and 1999 to become a Novell Certified Network Engineer.

Instructional Improvement-Continuing Professional Education
Connie Kiger, Accounting
Attend American Accounting Association Western Regional Meeting in Seattle and
serve as moderator for sessions in Teaching and Curriculum and Government/Nonprofit.

Old-World/New-World Attitudes Toward Long-Term Care of Aging Parents
Daniel Gallego, Sociology
A comparison of the attitdes of Latino respondents from Spain and the United States regarding the institutionalization of elderly parents.

An Objective Approach to Assessing Student Learning
Kyle Mattson, Business Administration
Develop skills to better assess finance student competency and develop a finance student professional portfolio.

Collaborative Vitality Projects

Literacy Enhancement and Development Center
Tammy Abernathy, Teacher Education
Michael Cena, Teacher Education
Judy Mitchell, Teacher Education
Linda Gowans, Teacher Education
Judy Bezoski, Teacher Education
Chukwuma Ahononu, Teacher Education
Education faculty will develop the lower level of the Education Building as a community resource center for school age children who need additional literacy instruction instruction and supervise preservice student teachers who tutor/teach in this after school program.

Teaching Consultants Pilot Project
Georgine Bills, Respiratory Therapy
Gary Dohrer, English
Richard Halley, Communication
Kathryn MacKay, History
Yas Simonian, Clinical Lab Science
Members of the Teaching, Learning, Assessment Committee
Bring Kathleen Brinko, national expert in the Teaching Improvement Project System (TIPS) to campus. She will train eight members of the Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Committee in TIPS to assist other faculty as teaching consultants.

Humanities on the Internet
Denise Weeks, English
Jim Jacobs, Visual Arts
Angelika Pagel, Visual Arts
Kath Edwards, Communication
Lyall Crawford, Communication
Anthony Spanos, Foreign Languages
Catherine Zublin, Performing Arts
Carol Hansen, Library
Develop an interdisciplinary Internet delivered course through collaborative effort which integrates Humanities content areas with technology and information skills.

From Periphery to Center: Enhancing Cultural Understanding and Reducing Marginalization by Using Students’ and Teachers’ Immigrant Experiences
Linda Oda, Teacher Education
Kathleen Herndon, English
Priti Kumar, English
Present a workshop on the relationship of self-study techniques to reduction of marginalization and the promotion of multicultural education at an international conference "Global Conversations on Language and Literacy," in Bordeaux, France and research results at a conference "Conversations in Community about the Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices in East Sussex, England

Instructional Enhancement in Respiratory Physiology
Darrell Graff, Zoology
Robert Okazaki, Zoology
Gloria Wurst, Zoology
Purchase software entitled "Respiratory Physiology Interactive Computer" and implement in lecture/laboratory sections of human, cell, and mammalian physiology.

Investigating the Immigrant Experience of Teaching Educators to Enhance Preservice Teachers’ Cultural Understandings
Shannon Butler, Teacher Education
Ray Wong, Teacher Education
Present study of five teacher educators' self-studies tracing personal histories as generational immigrants to the United States at international conference "Conversations in Community about the Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices" in West Sussex, England.
Foreign Language Interactive Learning Via Intranet for WSU Students, Faculty and Staff (Phase One)
Tony Spanos, Foreign Languages
Bob Belka, Foreign Languages
Erika Daines, Foreign Languages
Tom Mathews, Foreign Languages
Jeff Stokes, Foreign Languages
Purchase Rosetta Stone Language Library CD-ROM software and implement in Spanish and German classes.

Programmable Logic Controller Laboratory/Automation Equipment Integration Project
Kelly Harwood, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
Andrew Drake, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
Acquire knowledge and skills in programmable logic controllers to use in development of new automation laboratory curriculum.