Student Technology Assistant - Internship Program

Ruby Licona, Library
Tamara Aird, Continuing Education
Michael Beard,
Kraig Chugg,Clinical Laboratory Science
Tom Day, Child and Family Studies
Craig Gundy, Health Sciences
Carl Porter, Learning Support

A pilot program was created which developed technological skills in students and then partnered them with faculty.  In this team concept the student assisted the faculty member in developing technical skills and competency.  In turn, the faculty member provided an individualized learning opportunity for the student.  This proposal was based upon a national model developed at William Patterson College in New Jersey and perfected at Seton Hall University.  This model helped address the technology support crisis in higher education.  The WSU implementation of this model focused on course support, Online course support, website creation, help desk, computer lab support, and peer support and included a summer training camp for selected students.