Stress Relief Center Tools - We call them our toys

Massage Chairs 

  • This is our most popular stress relieving tool. 
  • Several settings to choose from to target different body areas. 
  • Our staff is trained to personalize settings.
  • You can have a unique massage every time you visit!  
  • Sessions are about 15 minutes each.

Chi Machine  

  • This is another of our most popular tools. 
  • Designed to raise body energy and increase comfort. 
  • Certain positions of hands and arms help the machine aid the body in digestion, tension release, weight loss, and headaches. 
  • Sessions on the chi machine is about 10-15 minutes, depending on the client.

iPods and iPad

  • These tools have lots of options to aid in relaxation and stress relief. 
  • All are equipped with different genres of songs that range from meditative to new age. 
  • The music was selected and designed to aid in relaxation and peace of mind. 
  • These tools also have guided relaxation techniques that allow you to meditate and relax with the aid of a guide. 
  • Many of our clients enjoy these techniques, some of the favorites are: flowing comfort, power nap, and autogenics. 
  • The iPad has several apps that can be used to budgeting, dinner ideas, and games to help relieve stress as well. 
  • These can be used for as long or as quickly as desired. 
  • Most of the guided relaxation sessions are 10-15 minutes.
  • This tool is often underused, but has some very cool capabilities!  
  • It aids with: stress reduction, peak performance, rejuvenation, accelerated learning and meditation. 

Light Sound Machine

  • The light sounds machine combines light with sounds that activate both hemispheres of the brain and enhance brain wave activity. 
  • It can be an incredible tool for stress relief. 
  • The different options on this machine range from 7 minutes to 90, but most are about 15 minutes long.

Biofeedback Machine – We have two different Biofeedback programs in the stress lab.

  • The first is called Freeze Framer, this program has some simple games to play and it charts breathing rate and heart rate so you can literally watch your body relieve stress as you meditate or play the games. 
  • The second is called Journey to the Wild Divine which is a 3D game that you explore through. 
  • As you go through each level there are games to play.
  • As you learn to control your emotions and stress levels, you will excel at this game as well as gain valuable skills for stress relief outside of the stress lab. 
  • This is an awesome tool, but requires some time to get used to and to really reap benefits. 
  • Plan on at least 45 minutes of time on this activity.

Inversion Tables 

  • This is also one of our most popular tools. 
  • This tool is our quickest relaxation method. 
  • A stress lab staff member will guide you as you allow yourself to hang upside down. 
  • This releases tension in the shoulders and lower back. 
  • There are stretches the staff can teach you to enhance your experience. 
  • This is a powerful stress relief and tension relief tool. 
  • Please note if you: are pregnant, over 6 foot 6 inches, weight over 300 pounds, have spinal injuries (past or present), have weak bones, or have high blood pressure you will not be able to utilize this tool. 
  • Staff members will ask you these questions if you decide to use the tool, just as a precaution.

Miscellaneous Tools – We have several other tools that can be used upon request.

  • There is a neck massager that works well for tension headaches or neck soreness. 
  • We also have an EmWave which is a small, portable biofeedback tool, but it is less detailed and harder to use than the computer versions.  
  • The Head/Scalp Massager is also a popular item in the lab, its legs are designed to fit around the head to stimulate the scalp and increase blood flow and stress relief.

Relaxing Recliner Chairs 

  • While our amazingly comfortable chairs are often occupied by clients using the iPods and light sound machine, they can be used without these tools. 
  • There are eye pillows for your comfort, or you can just sit and enjoy the DVDs that show nature scenes, quiet music, and enjoy the ambiance of the room.

Please note that none of our tools have time limits unless there is another client waiting. Please check with staff members before increasing time, changing the settings, or switching machines/tools.

Thank you!