Where is the Stress Relief Center?

The Stress Relief Center is located on the WSU Ogden Campus in the Swenson Complex on the first floor in room 124.

It is directly across from the Dance Studio.

A good campus map to help guide you can be found here:


On the map, Swenson Gym is SG.The entry point on the map has blue ADH indicator where you enter Swenson Gym. 

If you are already on campus:

The entry to the Swenson Gym is on the west side of the upper building. You'll need to swipe your ID card at the front desk to your right as you come in. They’ll let you pass on through. Proceed to the main hallway.

Turn right and proceed down the hallway. Turn left when you see the stairs in the hallway, after the volleyball gym. Go down two levels until you can't go down any farther. Turn left (Don't go straight into the long hallway). The next full hallway to the right, turn right. The SRC is the only open door on the right side.

(If you get lost, you could also just ask the people at the front desk to direct you to room 124 or the Stress Relief Center)

You can also enter from the west side of the Wildcat Center for Health Education and Wellness (near the south end of the A8 parking lot). Once you've passed through the area where you swipe your ID card, proceed through the lower arena area and into the hallway. Turn left at the second hallway that goes left. The entrance to the SRC is through the first doorway on the right. 

If you are coming to Swenson Gym from off campus:

Come to WSU on Harrison blvd and turn east on 3850 south or 2850 south. Once on campus, head north along the Dixon parkway until it veers east. As you drive east (toward the mountains--the road becomes Village Drive) you’ll see the football practice fields on your left and some dorms on your right. Follow the road until you see a building on the left with a large A7 parking lot in front of it. The tennis courts are directly east of this parking lot and the soccer field is directly to the west.