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Our Services

The Stress Relief Center offers a variety of tools to ease your stress and help you relax. Check out our many services below.

Students relaxing in massage chairs

Massage Chairs

Our massage chairs feature several settings to target different areas of the body. Staff is trained to help you personalize your settings, allowing you to have a unique massage every time you visit. Massage chair sessions are approximately 15 minutes each.

Students relaxing on the Chi Machine

Chi Machine

The chi machine is designed to raise body energy and increase your comfort. Certain hand and arm positions help the machine aid the body in digestion, tension release and headache relief. Sessions on the chi machine are 10-15 minutes.

Student with with relaxing head gear on for sights and sounds.

Rejuvenation Lounger

While lying down on a comfortable cot, enjoy a mixture of sight, sound and vibration to give you a relaxing experience to help you destress.

Student relaxing in water massage chair.

Water Massage

Our water massage machine uses water bursts to gently massage the back. This machine is less intense than our massage chairs, providing a light massage of the upper and lower back.

Student using the Foot and Calf Massage machine.

Foot and Calf Massage

This machine provides a deep-kneading rolling massage that relaxes and soothes calves and feet. It features three intensity levels, four unique massage programs and adjustable tilt.

Student using the handheld shoulder massager.

Handheld Shoulder Massager

Our easy-to-use handheld massager helps increase circulation and ease muscle tension in your shoulders. This tool can be used for as little as 30 seconds or as long as several minutes, depending on your needs.

Multiple Essential oils

Essential Oils

We provide an array of essential oils, which offer many benefits for stress relief. Essential oils can help boost your mood, improve sleep, reduce anxiety and stress, relieve headaches and increase attentiveness.

Different types of herbal tea packs

Herbal Teas

A variety of herbal teas are available at the center for a quick and delicious way to reduce stress. Herbal teas can boost your immune system, help you unwind and stimulate brain function. In the winter months, hot cocoa is also available.

Books referencing relaxation techniques, theories, and practices.

Resource Library

Our extensive library offers a collection of books and other materials to help you manage stress, learn new ways to approach wellness and discover inspiring messages and stories.

None of our tools have time limits unless another client is waiting to use an item.
Before increasing time, changing the settings, or switching machines or tools, please check with staff.