What people experience here at the SRC

I go to the stress relief center as often as I can and have taken advantage of many of the wonderful stress relievers it has to offer. But I have decided to talk about my experience with the inversion table. I have used it many times before and each and every time I leave the SRC feeling much better. I enjoy the sensation in my back as it stretches and for the rest of the day. Ryan F.
My first visit to the stress relief center was awesome! I did the inversion table and the chi machine. I carry a lot of stress in my lower back, so I really enjoyed how it felt when I was done stretching it. The chi machine was my favorite. During this exercise I felt uncomfortable at first, but once you got used to it, it kind of felt like a massage. The end feeling was amazing!! Amy Q.

On my first visit to the SRC, I actually had the person there give me a quick tour. I had never been there, and didn't know everything I could do. This was great because she was able to tell me a little about everything there is to do. After that I just spent about 15 minutes in the massage chair. I really enjoy this because it feels really good, and makes me laugh a little because I am ticklish. After spending some time there felt like I was less tense throughout the day. I really enjoyed my first visit. Whitney M.

Wow! I never knew that Weber State had a place like that campus. I tried the light and sound treatment, the inversion table and the massage chair. I wasn't too sure about the light and sound treatment and what it was doing to me, but i liked it and found that i fell asleep that night very easily. The inversion table was way sweet. It helped stretch out my ankle and knee along with my back, but don't stay in it for too long cause it kind of starts to hurt your ankles. The massage chair is way sweet! I did the full body massage and left feeling very relaxed. Oh and my first visit was last month on Monday the 23rd. Jayk M.

I did the chi machine. I have done the chi machine before. I really really like it. It feels really good. You just lay there and kind of wiggle around and then when the machine stops, the tingling sensations that go up and down your body is soooo cool. I feel really god afterwards, like a little bit of energy. Jennifer B.

I went to the stress relief center today for the first time. I took a power nap. When I first walked in it was peaceful and the students there were very friendly and helpful. I sat in a wonderful plush chair, put head phones on, and relaxed. I think I fell asleep for a little bit. I enjoyed it. Camille B.

I am a regular at the stress relief center; LOVE IT! I wish I had more time to go...
I did one of my meditations here for our assignment. I was trying to figure out how in the world I was going to find a place and a time to meditate with a 3 year old. I didn't want to do it after he went to bed because I figured I would just fall asleep and I wanted to get the full effect of the meditation.
Then I thought about the stress relief center, and I just sat in one of the iPod chairs, pretended to be listening to the iPod, and off I went. What a great place for that! I really love some of the relaxation techniques that are on the iPods too, definitely recommend those. Powernap for sure.
Sadie C.

I like the chi machine. I felt like a fish. When it stopped I felt heavy - like I could sink into the floor... I also felt tingly all over. It felt like pops of energy going off in my arms and legs. I'm going to call it "the sparkler effect"! Alyson B.

I went yesterday to the stress relief center and loved it. First thing that I loved was the ambience, the room was dark and music was playing. I tried the Chi machine which i loved. When i had finished using it while still lying on the floor my body felt completely numb. My body felt great throughout the day, highly recommend it. Annie F.

I took my first visit to the stress relief center today and it was a very great experience. I decided to do the chi machine and it was a superb decision! At first i was really skeptical when i first started it but then i just went with it and it turned out to be very surprising. After it left me with the best feeling!! It really was so neat something that simple could make me feel so amazing! I recommend trying it if you have not! Jessica T.

Today I went to the stress relief center. It was great! I decided to try the IPod with relaxing music on it! It was great! :) I was in there for about 5 minutes before I was just about out! It was fantastic! :) The chair was so comfy! I would totally recommend it to anyone who needed a little bit of an energy boost for the rest of their day! I woke up about 35 minutes later feeling absolutely Refreshed and fantastic! :) I most def. want to return soon! :) Amber F.

I went into the SRC right after yoga on Friday and tried the inversion table. I enjoyed hanging upside down. It's something I hadn't done sense I was in elementary school, and it made my back feel really good. Then I used the Chi machine. That machine is amazing. The feeling afterward is indescribable and you come out of there with so much energy. A very amazing experience over all. I wish I had time to go in there more often. Douglas B.

The second time I went to the stress relief center I made up my mind to stay for at least an hour. And wow. I did the chi machine and then lay on those comfy lazy boys and relaxed for about 45 minutes listening to music. I was so nice and relaxing. I felt as if I had gotten a full night’s sleep in a matter of an hour! Neil B.

I have noticed after doing bio-feedback for two years that I have greater control over my energy levels and I can shift them more easily and quicker than ever before... With what I have learned doing bio-feedback, it’s carried over into life. I am more aware of those instances my energy has shifted and I am able to have the energy level I want almost anytime I want. In my opinion, the bio-feedback is the most important activity you can do and it is my favorite activity to do. It may be nice to relieve stress by letting something do the work for you, but if you don’t know how to handle stress by having control of your thoughts and emotions which the bio-feedback trains you to do, then frequent visits to the stress relief center will always be needed. Ryan D.