Single Use Authorization Card Payment (SUA)

Weber State University is please to announce that we are offering to use Single-Use Accounts (SUA) electronic payment solution to make payment processes easier and more efficient.  

Payment processing with SUA  

Once an invoice is ready to be paid, you will receive an email from J.P. Morgan containing a one-time use virtual account number, as well as remittance information detailing the invoice(s) to be paid. Each account number is only valid for one payment and expires after use. A new account number will be generated for each payment.

The acceptance of card payments comes with no additional costs from J.P. Morgan, but merchant interchange fees apply.

Please contact Brad at 801-626-7113 to discuss enrollment in the SUA program.

Potential benefits with SUA

Using this form of payment will help us improve our payment processes while providing you with the following potential benefits:        

  • Early payments that will improve days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Improved risk management with virtual account payments can help reduce insufficient funds claims and increase controls to help mitigate fraud
  • Reduced check processing costs

Preparing to process SUA payments

While you may already accept card payments, we need you to enroll in the SUA program.  To find out more information or enroll in the SUA program, please contact Brad at 801-626-7113.

When you decide to enroll in the program an email will be sent to you with a link to enroll in the program.  This will let us know that you agree to receive payments via SUA and thereby permitting J.P. Morgan to send you the SUA payment information. You will also be provided with the first seven digits of our account number. We recommend that you store this information for future use in a secure location, as this information will only be sent once. The remaining nine digits will change with each payment.

Processing a SUA payment

One you are enrolled in the SUA program, processing a SUA payment is similar to processing any other card payment.

  1. Once a payment is created, you will receive an email from J.P. Morgan with the last nine digits and expiration date of the SUA account number for each payment. We recommend checking your company’s spam filters to ensure that emails from are not filtered (e.g., sent to junk folders) going forward.
  2. Enter the full account number using the stored first seven digits, the nine digits provided in the email and other required information into your card payment processing system to authorize the payment.