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About Us

Why Psychological Science?

Psychological science is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. While humans have sought to answer questions about human nature, mental activity and behavior for thousands of years, the field of scientific psychology is only about 150 years old. Today, Psychological science is a diverse and interconnected field of study exploring the biological, cognitive, developmental, social and mental and physical health domains of the human experience. 

Psychological science has widespread applications and many fields rely on the understanding of human mental activity and behavior. If you are interested in human behavior, find working with others meaningful and have a scientific view of the world, the study of psychological science is for you.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the WSU Department of Psychological Science is to enhance student knowledge and application of the science of psychology. We are committed to student-centered teaching and high-impact educational opportunities that foster critical thinking, career readiness and social responsibility. Our faculty promote inclusivity and diversity and apply psychological science to serve and enhance the university and greater community.

We are award-winning teachers and researchers in biological, cognitive, developmental, personality, social, and applied psychology. We are leaders of university initiatives for curricular revision, undergraduate research, community-based research and student success. We help develop and support interdisciplinary campus initiatives, including linguistics, neuroscience, queer studies and women and gender studies. We are committed to meeting students where they are and challenging and guiding them to where they want to be academically and in life.