Department Overview

The Psychology department is committed to excellence in undergraduate training in the science of psychology. We do so by offering students not only the highest caliber of classroom instruction but also extensive opportunities for professionally-authentic experiences in research and community engagement.  We are dedicated to training students to be psychologically literate citizens who can engage in scientifically- and ethically-informed judgments, decision-making, and actions.  As such, our curriculum emphasizes students acquiring knowledge about the discipline, applying that knowledge to real world situations, adopting scientific and ethical values, attitudes, and beliefs, and gaining interpersonal and communication skills.

*Liberal Arts refers to a broad-based education in a variety of disciplines whose emphasis is on understanding humanity from multiple perspectives (e.g. history, literature, philosophy, psychology) while developing the skills of critical thinking, analytical reasoning, oral and written communication and problem solving with the aim of developing an educated individual who respects diversity and accepts global responsibility. In an ever-changing world, liberal arts majors offer an opportunity for breadth and depth of study while producing flexible, well-rounded individuals with an understanding of life-long learning. It is our mission to develop and provide the necessary resources to advise effectively in this environment. From the National Academic Advising Association web site 

Major's Advisement Handbook

Online/Distance Courses

  • Introduction to Psychology (PSY 1010)
  • Biopsychology (PSY 2730)
  • Abnormal Psychology (PSY 3010)
  • Psychology of Adolescence (PSY 3140)
  • Psychology of Human Relationships (PSY 2000)
  • Child Psychology (PSY 3000)

Classes may vary by semester. Current course listings can be found here.

Community Partners

The psychology department partners with a number of community organizations to support students in practicum and projects and research. The department owes a special debt of gratitude to Alan E. Hall and Jeanne N. Hall who personally, and through their Endowment for Community Outreach, have supported Psychology faculty members in their outreach work with students.

DaVinici Academy
Principal Jessie Kidd (Director)

Boys and Girls Club (Roy)
Director, Matt Durham

Ogden City School System
Superintendent: Noel Zabriskie 

Treehouse Children’s Museum 
Executive Director, Lynne Goodwin

Weber County School System
Superintendent: Michael G. Jacobsen 

WSU Counseling Services
Director, Diana Rangel 

Youth Impact
Director, Robb Hall

If you are interested in partnering with the Psychology Department for Practicum or other activities, please contact us at 801.626.6247 or by email.

Departmental Assessments and Reviews

The Departmental Assessments and Reviews Page contains information about the Department's assessment of its progress in reaching its goals as defined by its mission.