Psychology Student Research and Participation

1010 Student Participation

The primary goals of a university are to provide an educational experience for its students while advancing knowledge through research. The Psychology Department is committed to each of these goals and believes that one important aspect of your educational experience in psychology is to learn, preferably through direct experience, how psychological research is conducted. Thus, the Department requires that students in the introductory psychology course (PSY 1010) gain research experience in one of three alternatives . Any of the three alternatives provided are acceptable; however, by serving as a participant in research (Alternative 1), you will learn about research projects and contribute to the advancement of knowledge. It is often only through research with human subjects that important questions about human behavior can be answered. 

Alternatives to Meet the Requirements

Rights of the Students Relative to the Requirements


1010 Instructors

Please refer to the following page regarding your role in your 1010 students' research participation.

Information for 1010 Instructors


Primary Investigators and Student Researchers

Please refer to the following page regarding your role as either a Primary Investigator (Faculty member) or Student Researcher.

Instructions for Primary Investigators and Student Researchers