Film Preview Policy

     No. 2-5       Rev.   Date 4-20-77



The Film Distribution Office, located in the Stewart Library, shall be responsible for the processing of all 16mm films to be previewed for instructional purposes.


A. Faculty members should request 16mm films for free preview through the Film Distribution Office.

B. When the film arrives on campus, the Film Distribution Office will contact the faculty member who made the request and arrange a viewing time.

C. Once a week the film librarian will circulate a listing of those film titles which are on campus and are available for previewing.  The date the film must be returned will be indicated.  The list will be sent to each department chair and each Library representative for dissemination.

D. Preview films will not remain on campus beyond the lending period specified by the distributor.

E. Films will be insured and returned to the distributor by the Film Distribution Office.

F. Preview films will not remain on campus for purchase.  Normally, they are used prints and often in poor condition.  If a faculty member wishes to buy a specific film, the usual procedures for purchasing library materials will be followed.