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The Philosophy Program at WSU challenges you to question everything.

Degree Programs 


Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

While earning a B.A. in philosophy, you will gain a broad understanding of philosophy's subdisciplines, as well as a deep understanding of central philosophical issues and individual philosophers.

Bachelor of Arts Details

Philosophy Minor

Because philosophy is foundational to every other discipline, our minor pairs well with any major.

Minor Details

Bachelor of Integrated Studies

Philosophy is an emphasis in WSU's Bachelor of Integrated Studies program, which allows you to earn your bachelor's degree in three academic areas.

BIS Information


Why Choose Philosophy?

You will learn new ways to think about and experience the world and will learn about central issues pertaining to the nature of truth and reality, the limits of knowledge, standards of right and wrong, the nature and experience of beauty and world religions.

Along with learning about philosophical concepts, you will gain skills in sound practical reasoning, deductive logic and language analysis.

Philosophy graduates go on to graduate studies and careers in:

Philosophy Mission Statement

Upcoming Philosophy Courses