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Political Science Minors

Pair your major with an understanding of how political systems operate.


Political Science Minor
Political Science Teaching Minor

What You’ll Learn

As a political science or political science teaching minor, you’ll learn the ideas and theories behind local, state, national and international political systems and how they operate. You can tailor your coursework to areas of political science you’re most interested in, such as American politics (American political institutions and political behavior, public administration and policy and the law and courts), global politics (international and comparative politics) and political theory.

Upon graduation, you’ll have developed reading comprehension, writing and critical thinking skills. As many political problems have no single solution, you’ll also learn to analyze competing explanations and solutions to political issues and how to present your own positions on them.

In addition, you can represent a country in our Model United Nations team, participate on our Moot Court team and conduct research in the Ogden-Weber region in our community engaged learning courses.

What You Can Do

Our political science and political science teaching minors prepare you for careers in government and law and pair well with any WSU major.

Political science teaching minors can go on to teach social studies and related subjects in schools. Teaching level depends on the certification earned through Weber State's Department of Teacher Education.

Degree Information

Degree Requirements

  • Minimum of 21 credit hours (24 credit hours for teaching minors)
  • Minimum grade of C in all minor courses (a C- is not accepted)

Course Requirements

Political Science Teaching

Political science teaching minors must meet Department of Teacher Education admission and licensure requirements.

Teacher Education Website

Declare Your Minor

Contact the Political Science Academic Advisor to schedule a meeting.

Dr. Leah Murray
Political Science Academic Advisor