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Philosophy Minor

Add an understanding of philosophy to your degree program.


What You’ll Learn

Liberal Education: You’ll learn the ideas of influential past and contemporary thinkers who have sought to understand the world and our experience of it. These ideas concern such topics as the nature of truth and reality, the limits of knowledge, standards of right and wrong, the experience of beauty and world religions.

Methodology: Philosophy emphasizes methods of sound practical reasoning, deductive logic and language analysis.

Application: Courses teach you to critically analyze non-philosophical disciplines. For example, Philosophy of Democracy analyzes the value assumptions behind democratic forms of government, while Medical Ethics seeks to identify and resolve dilemmas arising from conflicts between medical technology and the quality of life.



What You Can Do

A philosophy minor provides you with a set of skills that you will find useful no matter what you choose as a major. Graduates often go on to careers in business, government, law and the military, as well as to pursue advanced degrees in a variety of disciplines.


Degree Information

Degree Requirements

  • Minimum of 21 credit hours in minor
  • Minimum grade of C in all minor courses (a C- is not accepted)

Course Requirements

Declare Your Minor

Contact the Philosophy Academic Advisor to schedule a meeting.

Dr. Mary Beth Willard
Philosophy Academic Advisor