The Weber State University Police Department Investigations Unit’s primary responsibility is to investigate major crimes that occur at the university. These investigations consist of property crimes like larceny, burglary and fraud, along with person crimes like harassment, assaults and sexual assaults.

Officers assigned to investigations will oversee and conduct follow up investigations for criminal incidents reported, as well as conduct interviews and interrogations, collect evidence and identify suspects. These cases are then submitted to the Weber County Attorney’s Office to review for prosecution. The Weber State Police Investigations Unit works closely with the Weber County Attorney’s Office, Ogden City Attorney’s Office, Weber County CSI and other surrounding agency detectives.

Other responsibilities for investigations are the maintaining of evidence and the chain of custody of evidence in the evidence room. Officers in investigations are also assigned to other outside agency responsibilities, such as the Weber County Homicide Task Force, and attend meetings with surrounding agency detectives to share information that may be related to other crimes in the surrounding areas.