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My name is Liz, and I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. I am currently a senior at Weber majoring in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Crime Scene Investigation. Some of my hobbies include reading fiction novels, playing video games, archery, and learning new languages! I hope to work for an agency as a crime scene investigator since I believe proper and transparent evidence handling techniques are key to ensure a fair judicial process for all.  I have been involved with the Peer Mentor Program for about a year, and I am currently serving as a Lead. I am very excited to get to know everyone! I am very excited to get to know everyone!

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My name is Adriana Munoz. I was born in Bogota, Colombia. I am currently a junior at Weber State pursuing a bachelor's in Criminal Justice. My career goals are to become a Citizenship Officer and someday have the opportunity to work for the U.S. Embassy. My hobbies include hiking, running, and exploring the outdoors with my dog. I am excited to be a part of the Peer Mentor Program and help students succeed through engaging in resources, support, and a WSU community.

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My name is Grace Alithu Galindo Herrera. I was born in Ica, a province in the South of Peru. My Bachelor Degree is Administration and International Business and right now I am studying a MBA at Weber. My hobbies are traveling. I have been to South Korea, France, Netherlands, Mexico, Chile and I have traveled around Peru and saw amazing landscapes and ate delicious food. Also, I like to cook, swim, dance, watch k-dramas, listen to music and learn new languages. I can apply for the OPT Program and work full-time in an American Company. I am considering working at Weber. I also can be a Professor in a Peruvian University or working there for a good company. I can create my own company. I am also thinking about moving to South Korea and studying there because I want to be fluent and have the opportunity to live there for at least one year. As an international student, I can say to my friends that we can achieve any goal that we set for ourselves, we just need to focus on that, prepare anything that we need, work hard, be patient, brave, have a positive vibe, and never give up.  We also can learn from bad and sad experiences because these just make us stronger than we were before. Work hard for your dreams and have fun too!

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Hi! My name is Chanell Sosa and this is my third year at Weber State! I was born and raised right here in Ogden, UT. The major I'm going for is a Bachelors in Communications. I'm still figuring out my emphasis. I did already get my Associate's in General Studies! I'm the first in my family to attend college, I love to be outdoors, and I like to meet new people. I especially love to swim and play basketball. I was part of the Peer Mentor Program two years ago as a mentee and let me tell you - I loved it! It was nice to have someone I could go to and get help if I needed it and to have someone to help guide me. Mostly after what we all went through during the pandemic, it was nice to have this program make me feel included. My main goal for myself is to graduate from college and to have a job that I love. Some words of advice: try to get involved on campus. It helps give a sense of belonging and it also has a lot of different opportunities. The last piece of advice I can give is to take any classes that you are interested in when doing your generals. This is a good way to find things that you like and don't. Who knows you might like something that you thought you wouldn't.

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My name is Victor Contreras and I was born in Ogden, Utah. This upcoming fall semester will be the start of my third year at WSU and I am majoring in respiratory therapy :) I like playing futbol (soccer) indoor and outdoor. This will be my second year of being a Peer Mentor and first year of being the Lead Director of the Programming Board! I hope to one day become a respiratory therapist, and some advice that I got when I started my college journey was that not everything will be perfect but as long as I am making progress that’s all that matters.

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I was born and raised in Thailand. I moved to Utah by myself because of college. I can speak Thai and English. This is my third semester here at Weber and I’m studying health science and trying to get in the radiology program. I love to hangout with friends , hiking and meeting new people. I was a mentee before and I just love how comfortable that I've been able to talk with someone about school and life.  My words of advice are being in school is not just focusing on grade and the classes, lessons, making new friends, build your relationship with teacher and classmate, try to get involve with the events and that will help you feel more involve and enjoy the college.


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My name is Jai Earhart, and I use They/He pronouns. I was raised in Sanpete County, UT, but call Pawnee City, NE home. I am a Psychology major minoring in Queer Studies. In my free time, I love to watch movies, go on hikes or runs, any play with my puppy, Rory. I plan to attend graduate school and obtain a Ph.D. in Psychology. After that, I hope to spend a lot of time researching and teaching at a college or university.


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My name is Heidi Mendez Martinez and my hometown is Clearfield, Utah. I am undecided about my major right now, and that's okay. I am currently a sophomore and my hobbies include playing video games, baking, and building puzzles. I was a mentee before working now as a Peer Mentor and my career goals include being either a firefighter or a paramedic.

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Hi everyone, my name is Andrew and I am from Layton, Utah. I am currently a senior majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Digital Media as well as a minor in Japanese. I really enjoy making short films, video games, and playing taiko drums. This is my first year as a Peer Mentor but I was a mentee with the program a few years ago. I am looking forward to sharing what I learned from my mentor with other students at the university. After college, I would like to pursue a job in independent content creation. Word of Advice: Find a major that makes you want to wake up in the morning. Passion is often what will drive you in your education and career.

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My name is Ciera Hambleton. I'm a senior majoring in Network Management Technology. I was born near Las Vegas, NV but growing up my dad was in the Air Force, so I've lived all over the US. I spent my high school years in San Diego, CA. Currently I work close to Hill Air Force Base at Northrop Grumman as a Cyber Security intern. 

I love to be outdoors and be active. I love yoga, hiking, walking my dog, journaling, reading, crafting, drawing, painting, board games, and thrifting. On the weekends, I'm usually going out with friends, catching up on homework, and spending quality time with family. I like meeting new people to hear about their interests and experiences - I hope to be inspired to try new things.

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