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Request a peer mentor any time throughout the year! 

Get a dedicated Peer Mentor to support, guide and encourage you throughout the year. You'll learn to connect to the university and do better in college. You will gain skills and have support to overcome challenges, achieve your goals and make the most of your college experience. Start your mentorship adventure today!

“ Everyone is welcome to join the peer mentor program! 


Virtual Mentoring is an opportunity to connect with a Peer Mentor from the comfort of your home and at any time. Ask a quick question, get help with processes, meet other students in small groups, build a community or just to hang out as you take a break from classes. There are many ways to connect with your Peer Mentor:

  • Call or email your Peer Mentor (Don't have one yet? Request one!)
  • Email our program at mentors@weber.edu
  • Meet via Zoom or Google Meets
  • Join one of our virtual events


We're happy to meet with you in person following appropriate precautions.

To schedule an in person, face to face meeting:

  • Contact your Peer Mentor to set up an appointment  (Don't have one yet? Request one!)
  • Drop in by following current social distancing guidelines


How Can I Benefit from Having a Peer Mentor?

  • Get one-on-one mentoring from a successful college student
  • Meet other students and build new connections and friendships through your small group and fun events
  • Have a dedicated Peer Mentor you can count on for guidance and support throughout the year
  • Learn about the ins and outs of Weber and how to navigate the systems, procedures, and resources
  • Network with peers, faculty and staff through socials and leadership development opportunities
  • Develop skills to achieve your academic and personal goals
  • Develop leadership and communication skills
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What Participants Say About the Peer Mentor Program

"I enjoyed the program, and the extra help it provided for the adjustment to college life."

"I have been going through a rough time this semester and this program has been very helpful."

"I have been reaching out to professors and other students and it has helped me to create relationships with them and furthered my educational career. I learned also to not be afraid and that people come from all different places."

"[My mentor] is an angel. I really appreciate her support throughout the semester."

"[My mentor] is beyond incredible and a huge inspiration to me!!"

"[My mentor] has helped me manage my time, how to find my advisor, meet with my advisor and how to register and set my classes for fall semester."

"[My mentor] was so helpful and always made me feel important and heard."

"I learned more about myself and what I can accomplish as well as how to go about that and starting out."

"Getting involved is a great stress reliever, a great opportunity to meet others, and build
relationships with those you normally wouldn’t come into contact with."


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