Get a Peer Mentor


Get a dedicated Peer Mentor to support, guide and encourage you throughout the year. You'll learn to connect to the university and do better in college. You will gain skills and have support to overcome challenges, achieve your goals and make the most of your college experience. Start your mentorship adventure today!

 Everyone is welcome to join the peer mentor program! 


Get a peer mentor any time throughout the year! 


Virtual Mentoring is an opportunity to connect with a Peer Mentor from the comfort of your home and at any time. Ask a quick question, get help with processes, meet other students in small groups, and build a community. There are many ways to connect with your Peer Mentor:

  • Call or email your Peer Mentor (Don't have one yet? Get one!)
  • Email our program at
  • Meet via Zoom or Google Meets
  • Join one of our virtual events


In-Person Mentoring offers a personalized connection with a Peer Mentor, providing a dynamic platform for growth and learning. Engage in one-on-one discussions to answer your questions, receive hands on assistance with various tasks, and benefit from real- time guidance. To schedule an in person meeting:

  • Call or email your Peer Mentor  (Don't have one yet? Get one!)
  • Attend one of our In-Person events
  • Arrange an In-Person meetup at a convenient campus location


Expectations of Mentees

  • Attendance and Participation: Regularly attend scheduled mentorship meetings, workshops, and activities. Actively engage in discussions, ask questions, and seek clarification when needed.

  • Professionalism: Behave professionally in all mentorship interactions. Dress appropriately for meetings, meet deadlines, and communicate respectfully with mentors and peers.

  • Active Participation: Actively engage in the mentorship process by attending meetings, workshops, or sessions as required.

  • Communication: Maintain open and respectful communication with your mentor. Be responsive to emails, messages, or requests for meetings.

  • Respect: Treat your mentor with respect and professionalism. Value their time, insights, and guidance.

How Can I Benefit from Having a Peer Mentor?

  • Get one-on-one mentoring from a successful college student
  • Meet other students and build new connections and friendships through your small group and fun events
  • Have a dedicated Peer Mentor you can count on for guidance and support throughout the year
  • Learn about the ins and outs of Weber and how to navigate the systems, procedures, and resources
  • Network with peers, faculty and staff through socials and leadership development opportunities
  • Develop skills to achieve your academic and personal goals
  • Develop leadership and communication skills
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How do I get a mentor?

- You can get a mentor by requesting one using this link that will redirect you to the Application Form. Once you apply, we will look over your application and provide you a mentor that best suites you. 

What is my time commitment to getting a mentor?

-Your time commitment to having a mentor can vary depending on your/your mentees schedule and your individual needs. Ideally, you would want to meet with your mentor as much as you can according to either schedule, but at minimum you should be meeting once a month.

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